Are You Exhibiting at Baltimore Comic-Con? Let Me Know

The 2011 Baltimore Comic-Con is this upcoming weekend, the 12th edition of the show. One of my favorite things to do is browse Artists Alley to find new and not yet discovered (at least by me) works. If you’re going to be exhibiting at the show and you don’t mind my coming by to see your work, please leave a comment, so I can build a list of booths to be sure to stop by!

3 Responses to “Are You Exhibiting at Baltimore Comic-Con? Let Me Know”

  1. Rico Renzi Says:

    I’ll be there promoting a book I color called Loose Ends from 12 Gauge Comics and HeroesCon 2012, stop by and say hi!

  2. Darren J. Gendron Says:

    I’ll be in the artist alley for Dernwerks, right next to Digital Pimp and Jamie Noguchi.
    Also, Saturday night at the Ottobar I’ll be heading out to Super Art Fight XI.

  3. Scott Lincoln Says:

    I’ll be there both days promoting my web comic “Ralf the Destroyer” in artist alley.
    I have a soft cover book (year one compilation) and a first issue mini comic that I’ll be selling that each reflect different parts of the story. Hope you stop by, thanks.




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