Comic Buyer’s Guide Goes Digital

The “longest-running publication about comics”, as their press release has it, has made its first steps into digital availability.

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Comic Buyer’s Guide is now being distributed on Comics+ by iVerse Media for iPhone or iPad. Their announcement says “CBG eBooks including 1000 Comic Books You Must Read by Tony Isabella and back issues of Comics Buyer’s Guide are now available for download on iTunes.”

That’s technically true. Right now, they have two publications in the Comics+ store: that book (priced at $9.99, but since the hardcover edition is $30 for its 272 pages, that’s a significant discount) and the two-month-old issue of Comic Buyer’s Guide #1679 (July 2011), which focused on Green Lantern. The magazine appears to be a faithful cover-to-cover edition, including advertisements. I hadn’t realized how much of its contents these days are review capsules, and I find little ages as fast as someone’s thoughts on random superhero comics.

I do wish companies would set up more of their plans before sending out announcements. I know that it takes time for publishers to coordinate with digital distributors, who then have to get approval from Apple, but it’s neater to check out a new venue when it has more than just two items. I was curious to see how many back issues would be available and how much they would cost. I find myself wondering just how valuable back issues of a time-based news magazine would be to readers, or whether this is the kind of publication that will likely only be read going forward.

Their press contact also has not yet responded to my query about possible future plans for more widespread availability. I asked if they intend to also distribute for web and/or Android users (which would require partnering with another company); if I get an answer, I’ll update this post.

Update: Per marketing, in response to my questions about Android availability and pricing:

Comics Plus is not on Android — and this is the first of many partners we plan to reach out to. Just the beginning of CBG digitally, we hope … Back issues are free but books and special issues will be available at various prices based on content.

If they keep rolling out free issues, this definitely looks like a digital publication to follow! I can wait a bit to get access to the columns (the part of the magazine I most enjoy) free.

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    […] Digital | Comics Buyer’s Guide has gone digital; issues of the long-running industry publication are now available on iVerse’s Comics+ application. Johanna Draper Carlson notes that only two CBG-related publications are currently available — the July 2011 issue and 1000 Comic Books You Must Read by Tony Isabella. [press release, Comics Worth Reading] […]

  2. Martin Wisse Says:

    The CBG is the “longest-running publication about comics”? I think Dutch magazine Stripschrift (founded in 1968 and still going) has something to say about that.




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