How Not to Get a Job in Comic Retail: Creep Out the Female Owner

As someone who did my time in retail (and appreciates the reminder not to be THAT kind of shopper), I enjoy reading complaints about outrageous customers. This one, about someone asking for a job at a comic shop, takes the cake. I know, in these tough times, that people are on edge about trying to get a job, but calling the female staffer who won’t hire you “bitch” just confirms her decision and shows how unsuited you are to work with the public, half of whom are women. That she turns out to be the owner is bad luck for the applicant, who didn’t seem capable of understanding that women can own comic shops too.

2 Responses to “How Not to Get a Job in Comic Retail: Creep Out the Female Owner”

  1. Joe S. Walker Says:

    That post IS bitchy. Having a webpage called “customers_suck” is bitchy too.

  2. Johanna Says:

    Everyone who’s ever worked retail understands the need to let off steam about some of the special gems who think clerks and waitstaff are there to abuse. Are you worried that you might be one of the customers talked about? :)




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