Exclusive 20th Century Boys Friend Figure Is Amazingly Detailed

Since today’s the day the latest volume of Naoki Urasawa’s 20th Century Boys mega-series comes out, I thought it might also be a good time to share with you this amazing piece of merchandise related to the series.

20th Century Boys Friend figure

Michael Crawford’s Captain Toy site has a comprehensive writeup by Jeff Parker (probably not the comic writer) of this limited-edition release of a figure of the Friend. The Hong Kong company Hot Toys put out a number of exclusive figures to celebrate their 10th anniversary, and this was one of them. Parker’s piece is super-detailed, and I found it very interesting, especially since he wasn’t previously familiar with the manga, and I’m not very familiar with toy collecting. He’s also got a bunch of good pictures. There’s one of the accessories after the cut, but it contains a spoiler if you’re not caught up on the manga series.

20th Century Boys Friend figure accessories

Look at all the bits this figure came with! Extra heads, extra hands, masks, the Books of Prophecy (in Japanese, of course), a ray gun, a remote control, and a bent spoon. Such detail! You’ve got to read the description of his suit, too, which talks about the tailoring and how the tie is really knotted and such. It’s a shame this guy was limited to 2500 pieces worldwide, priced about $220, and is likely impossible to find. Still, at least we can enjoy Parker’s pictures and writeup.


  1. I’m so geeking out. Wish I had the cash to get that.

  2. Might want to put the second pic under a cut or something, seeing as how the Friend’s real face is a pretty big spoiler ;)

  3. Is that recognizable as a particular character? (I honestly don’t know, I’m really bad at that.) And wasn’t it revealed two or more books ago in the U.S.?

    I don’t want to ruin anyone’s enjoyment, I’m just checking that it’s worth the change. :)

  4. I only just started reading 20th Century Boys this past spring (and vols. 11-16 only a few weeks ago). There’s always those, like me, who get into certain series late, as well as some who wait until the entire thing is published in English, just so they can be sure they won’t be left hanging by a cancellation.

    I think the head is pretty recognizable as that character’s (it’s the hair), but that might just be me.

  5. Good point — I went ahead and added the cut link.

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