Good Comics Out August 24: Goodbye, DCU

Looking back at when I’ve managed to do this supposedly-weekly post, I’ve noticed that it’s mostly the last week of a month that I find things to talk about. A quick moment’s thought revealed why: many smaller publishers, whose work I’m more interested in, work to get their books out then so they’re still in the promised month of release. Anyway, I figure it’s better to talk about quality than ramble just to be timely.

It’s the last week of the DCU we knew (hey, that rhymes), so lots of miniseries and series wrapping up, including the end of Flashpoint. I don’t think that’s going to be looked back on fondly as the introduction to a new beginning to the company, but more to the point, it wasn’t a very good read, either, just lots of violence for its own sake. I won’t miss many of the DC ongoings, which makes me part of the problem the “it’s NOT a reboot!” is aiming to solve. I will take a moment to point and laugh that the company is finally putting out the Green Lantern Movie Prequel Sinestro, months after the movie crashed and burned.

So what do I recommend buying this week? If you like superheroes and want something much more inspirational, try The Power Within (Northwest Press, $4.99). Ed suggests Knights of the Lunch Table: The Battling Bands (Graphix, $10.99). He’s right, it’s entertaining for a boys’ comic, more so if you like tracing Arthurian influences or wondering if the old singer named Davy is an homage to the Monkees. (That’s not to be confused with Knights of the Dinner Table, in its third decade with issue #177 out this week and the 33rd collected edition. That’s some longevity to admire, there.)

For manga, there’s only Naoki Urasawa’s 20th Century Boys Volume 16 (Viz, $12.99), but it’s not the best starting point if you aren’t already reading the twisty time-travel tale. So it seems to be something of a light week, but that’s ok, because I still have Baltimore purchases to enjoy. Being a comic fan doesn’t have to revolve around the weekly Wednesday.

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