Alex de Campi Directs Music Video for Tear Us Apart

I know of Alex de Campi as a talented writer of comics, both print and digital. But it seems that she’s also a animator and director, and her latest work is a stop-motion video for the song “Tear Us Apart” by The Real Tuesday Weld. It’s a lovely, spooky story about a lady left behind by her astronaut love.

Per the press agent, here’s the story behind the work:

“Tear Us Apart” is from The Real Tuesday Weld album The Last Werewolf, which was released to serve as a soundtrack to the companion book of the same name written by Glen Duncan. The video explores and complements similar themes of love, loss, and loneliness that are ever-present in the album and book. Alex de Campi explains that when she created the video, she had little knowledge of the book and based it primarily on the song. “I wanted to refer tangentially to the book, however, so I started off with the moon, and the idea of a love triangle — and of a wolf and a doe,” she says. “Out of that, and out of what the noises in the song suggested to me, came the absurdist love story in the film.”

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