Angel & Faith #1

Although Dark Horse is prominently featuring Joss Whedon’s name in their advertising for this new Buffy-verse title, he’s only “executive producer”, which I take to means “doesn’t have much to do with the day-to-day work of making the book”. That may not be a bad thing, as we found out from the completed Buffy Season 8 comic series. While I gave up on that one, Angel & Faith seems like a great chance to sign back on to supernatural adventure with touches of comedy and pathos.

Angel & Faith #1 cover

Cover by Steve Morris

A lot of what happened previously is mentioned, so I didn’t feel left out. In fact, sometimes I wished characters were talking less and doing more (especially since I thought the plot choices they were describing were stupid, but maybe they played differently if you read them in the comic). It was as though I was back in school — it was good for me to hear it, in the long run, but sometimes I wished we could get back to the physical action and go outside for recess. Still, this is a first issue, so I expect the mix will be different in future.

The characters look remarkably like themselves, always a plus when dealing with a cast that started on TV. We open with a flashback to Giles, which made me miss him all the more. It does a great job blending the journal narration and its deeper feelings with visual action and sacrifice. Cut to the two title stars, following up on a promise made a while back, complete with authentic-sounding wisecracks. Christos Gage and Rebekah Isaacs are doing a terrific job of recreating these characters in familiar fashion, which is what fans want and what I find appealing here.

Angel and Faith are entertaining, without the baggage of Buffy or some of her other companions. They play well off each other, since both have tortured histories and the ability to say whatever they’re thinking. There are plenty of plot threads set up for future issues, some more intriguing to me than others, but I’m curious to see what these two do next. That’s all a first issue can ask to do, right?

The publisher’s website has preview pages. (The publisher provided a digital review copy.)

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