KC Gets Snarky With Previews for November 2011

When it comes to his latest trip through this month’s Previews (catalog dated September 2011 for items shipping beginning in November) for his Westfield column, KC gets a little more pointed than usual.

This is one of the weirdest solicitation months for comics in a long time. Can’t really talk about most of DC’s stuff yet — because we haven’t seen much of it yet. I have no idea what Marvel’s trying to do this month — but there sure seems like a lot of whatever it is. And some other stuff is just… odd. Is it suddenly April 1 and no one told me?

Find out more about Boom!’s Decision 2012 comic line, and what they’ve left out. KC also discusses the importance of creative credits, posts some funny item pictures, points out some books of particular interest to Silver Age comic fans, and then just for comic fans in general, and ends with an absolutely horrible pun. Plus, a new picture of KC with cow!

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