Manga Out Loud Tackles Digital Manga

It’s our biggest Manga Out Loud podcast ever, as Ed and I are joined by Brigid Alverson, Alexander Hoffman, Rob McMonigal, and Lissa Pattillo for over an hour of great discussion on the many legal ways to get manga online.

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Among many other topics, we

  • Enumerate the problems with the Square Enix website
  • Try to answer the question why Apple doesn’t scrub their store for only legal manga apps
  • Debate whether the iPad is the superior way to read digital comics
  • Talk about JManga’s responsiveness and possible future plans
  • Discuss how a company should act on Twitter and other social media policies
  • Wonder about Vertical’s digital plans — since they’re the only major American manga publisher without an announcement so far
  • Speculate on why publishers are concerned about people switching from print to digital purchases, based on a public understanding of costs involved
  • Plead with Viz to put their out-of-print series out digitally
  • Wander into the infamous pricing debate, plus pointing out how iTunes-accessible content is available to younger readers without credit cards via their ubiquitous gift cards

Be sure to visit the Manga Out Loud podcast website to get a comprehensive list of links, both to the various digital manga options and to other posts on the topic.

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