So Buttons #4

Review by Ed Sizemore

One of the books premiering this week at SPX is So Buttons #4 by Jonathan Baylis. As the cover boldly announces, this is his biggest issue yet. Since I’ve complained in the past his books were too short, I found this longer issue a welcome change.

So Buttons #4

This volume contains 11 short stories, each with a different artist. As with the previous issues, these are slice-of-life remembrances. The topics include baseball, movies, and getting to meet one’s idols. The stories are told with a nice blend of nostalgia and humor. Those looking for existential angst will have to search elsewhere.

Baylis and I are approximately the same age, so a few of the stories struck a chord with me. I, too, used to eat my M&Ms by color and remember making origami drinking cups and balloons. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the opportunity to work in the same company as some of my childhood heroes. So I missed both the thrills and disappointments that brings.

Baylis always finds great artists to work with. Having Fred Hembeck draw the story about being an intern at Marvel is perfect. I love Thomas A. Boatwright’s linework. He’s able to capture of feel of those black-and-white movies. Baylis’s longtime collaborator, T.J. Kirsch, is excellent as always.

Folks heading out to SPX this weekend are encouraged to drop by Baylis’ booth and grab a copy of So Buttons #4. If you can’t make the show, then you can order books directly from Baylis at his website. He also has a list of comic stores that carry his books. Maybe I’m reading the wrong books, but upbeat autobiographical comics seem rare these days. It’s great change of pace to read a comic by someone who seems happy about his life.

You can read an 8-page preview at Issuu.

7 Responses to “So Buttons #4”

  1. hardtravelinghero Says:

    This sounds like a great read I’ll have to pick up somewhere, sadly not at SPX though. I’d think Velocity Comics would carry it.

  2. Ed Sizemore Says:

    If Velocity doesn’t stock it, I know they can get it for you. Patrick is a great supporter of independent comics.

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  4. Jonathan Baylis Says:

    Ed, thanks so much for the kind words! Indeed, So Buttons is a happy response to the many woe-is-me auto-bio genre.

    ‘m not aware of Velocity carrying my books… yet!

    But they can contact my agent at or if you would just like to buy one from me directly, you can order one at so

    Thanks for reading!

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