Top Shelf’s Yearly Sale

Top Shelf this week sent me a lovely package of some recent books that included a flyer laying out their publishing plans for the entire year of 2011. Best-laid plans and all, some of the books I was really looking forward to seeing this year are now appearing on their website, with more updated information, as Future Releases, with no specific date.

Top Shelf sale

I want to read, among others, the next (color!) Owly book and The Collected Bojeffries Saga, so I want Top Shelf to do well and be able to put them out sooner. (Of course, there could be many reasons beyond print bills a book gets delayed, but indulge my fantasy that money fixes problems.) To help with that effort, you should check out their big web sale. Until September 23, 175 items are on sale, with over 100 of them priced at $3 or $1 US. I’ve reviewed a number of Top Shelf books in the past, if you’re looking for suggestions.

One thing to be congratulated is how even-handed they are with all this. Old works are discounted more, of course, but this season’s new books are also featured at 25% off. Convention attendees at this weekend’s SPX will get the same low prices. Retailers are able to take advantage of their discount to get even better deals, with minimum purchase levels.

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