Navigating the Contemporary Publishing Landscape: An SPX Panel

I thought I was done writing about SPX, but then they posted the panel I moderated, “Navigating the Contemporary Publishing Landscape”. Here’s the full 48-some minutes via Vimeo. The lineup, from left to right, is Meredith Gran, Julia Wertz, Domitille Collardey, Roger Langridge, Mike Dawson, and me. I was honored to be part (temporarily) of such a distinguished group of creators.

Here’s the description from the program: In the early 2000s, corporate publishers nearly raced to acquire graphic novels. Now, as the mainstream publishing industry faces severe contractions and as online media assumes many traditional functions of publishing, cartoonists face a rapidly changing publishing landscape, one that includes a resurgent small press. Johanna Draper Carlson spoke with Domitille Collardey, Mike Dawson, Meredith Gran, Roger Langridge, and Julia Wertz about publishing options today.

3 Responses to “Navigating the Contemporary Publishing Landscape: An SPX Panel”

  1. Jaylat Says:

    Fascinating panel, if a bit sobering. Kudos to everyone for being upfront about the upsides & downsides.

    Julia Wertz is really a riot, BTW.

  2. James Schee Says:

    Okay jut watched it,and it was a vey good panel. It is good to see a group of creators who while realistic, aren’t all gloom and doom about comics. I’m only familiar with Julia Wertz & Roger Langridge’s WFH work, but will be on the look out for the others.

  3. Listen at Home With Octopus Pie » Comics Worth Reading Says:

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