Castle Graphic Novel to Have Same-Day Release for Digital and Print
September 19, 2011

Now that Marvel is fully part of Disney, they can participate in media cross-promotion, such as that surrounding Castle, which returns with season four tonight at 10 PM Eastern. Interest should be high, since last season (out on DVD tomorrow) ended with Detective Kate Beckett being shot.

Also out tomorrow is the third Castle novel, Heat Rises. I’ve already preordered it, since I find the books great popcorn reads. (Read my review of Heat Wave, the first book.)

Following along a week behind is the first graphic novel, although since it stars not Castle, but Castle’s character Derrick Storm, I’m not as interested.

I did want to note, though, that Marvel/Disney is making a concession to the general public by making the graphic novel available on the same day (September 28) in both print and digital formats. Their announcement lists availability “on the Marvel Comics app for iOS devices”, so regular comiXology users may be out of luck, as are Android and web comic readers. They’re promoting this as “the first major day & date digital release of a major graphic novel in North America.” That has enough caveats that I’m not sure it matters — anything that predates them can be hand-waved away as “not major”.

It’ll be interesting to see how successful the book is. They’ve already mentioned the graphic novel on the TV show last season, but I wonder how much of a crossover audience there is.

I’m also curious to see what the digital pricing will be. The book is listed at $19.99, but it’s currently available on Amazon at $11.43, or 43% off. If Marvel doesn’t significantly discount their limited digital release, then the online copy will be much more than buying the physical book.

Deadly Storm is written by Brian Michael Bendis and Kelly Sue DeConnick with art by Lan Medina and cover by Carlo Pagulayan.

Update: After watching the season premiere of Castle (disappointing in just how hard it was pushing all the reset buttons) and seeing how they were promoting a comic-book-themed episode next week, I’m guessing we’re going to hear more about the graphic novel on the show.

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