A Nice Way to Treat Loyal Readers: Shuteye #6 Free to Owners of Series

Sarah Becan, author of I Think You’re Sauceome, also puts out a minicomic series called Shuteye. She’s just gotten issue #6 ready for release, and to say thank you to loyal customers, she’s made them a special offer: If you have issues #1-5, you can get #6 for free by sending a photo of yourself with the five issues to her. (Offer good through the end of this week.)

Shuteye #1-5

(Aren’t they pretty? The comic has hand-silkscreened covers and can be purchased from Shortpants Press.)

It’s very nice to see this kind of recognition of loyal readers. It struck me in contrast to cases I’ve seen where publishers seem to be chasing new readers so hard that they exploit the old ones, by putting desirable extra material in collections, for example. There’s nothing wrong with seeking to expand your readership — heck, with so much competition out there, that’s a necessity to survive — but the goal is to grow, not to stay static by driving away as many customers as you acquire.

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