Michael George Re-Tried for Murder, Four Years Later

Four years ago in 2007, Michael George, a Pennsylvania comic store owner, was arrested for the murder of his wife. The twist was that her death occurred in 1990; at the time, the shooting was considered a robbery gone wrong, and the murder weapon was never found. George was found guilty in March 2008 and began serving a life sentence in May 2008. In September of that year, the conviction was overturned on appeal due to “prosecutorial misconduct” and potential new evidence, and he was granted a new trial, although he had to stay in jail until June 2010, when he was released on bond.

Now, three years after his first conviction, his retrial for “first- and second-degree murder, insurance fraud, false pretences and firearm offenses” has begun in Michigan.

Macomb County prosecutors say Michael George dreamed of a “McDonalds-like” comic store empire while he kept a secret apartment and engaged in salacious affairs behind his wife’s back. They say he wanted to be rid of his “overweight” wife and ultimately killed her to do it.

… Prosecutors say George killed his wife because he was unhappy in the marriage. They say he fabricated a robbery and cashed in on $130,000 in life insurance policies on his wife. The defense claims George was at his mother’s home in Hazel Park at the time of the crime.

… [George’s attorney, Carl Marlinga] pointed out that it’s a one-hour round trip from George’s shop to his mother’s home. George’s van was observed parked outside the house between 5:45 and 6 p.m. that evening and prove that he couldn’t have been at the store when his wife was shot, Marlinga said.

He was originally scheduled to be retried in March, but that was delayed

to allow for a DNA profile to be conducted between Michael George and a hair found on the sweater Barbara George was wearing at the time of the murder. The hair didn’t match Michael George.

His motion to dismiss the case was denied.

Update: Two additional persons of interest from the original crime were tracked down by police, according to the Detroit Free Press. One passed away ten years ago; the other, who’s connected to a car reportedly seen near the comic store at the time of the killing, will be questioned tomorrow.

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