Good Comics Out September 21: Exceptional Manga

It’s that weird time of year when the ashcan minicomics intended for Halloween giveaway are shipping (a month early) at the same time Archie, for example, is putting out Archie Christmas Classics Volume 1 ($14.95). Seasons are changing, maybe not fast enough.

Two exceptional manga are out this week. The first, A Zoo in Winter (Fanfare/PonentMon, $23), is the latest by Jiro Taniguichi (The Walking Man, A Distant Neighborhood) available in English. It’s the story of an aspiring artist in 1960s Tokyo. I’d tell you more, but Ed will be reviewing it for the site, and I’ll let him go into the details.

From Yen Press comes the last volume of With the Light: Raising an Autistic Child ($11.99). The charming and challenging series is sadly concluded with Volume 8, unfinished due to the unexpected death of author Keiko Tobe. However, the publisher has included “unfinished pages that the creator drew while battling a long illness”.

Also listed from Yen is Bunny Drop Volume 4 ($12.99), but I recommended that last week, the first time it was on the list. Still haven’t read it — saving it, cause I know it’s good.

On the superhero side, book of the week is Love and Capes Volume 3: Wake Up Where You Are (IDW, $19.99). Since I’ve already read the issues, I know I’ll adore it, but if you haven’t tried this enjoyable romantic superhero comedy yet, it’s a great place to start — and since Amazon still considers it a preorder for a couple of weeks, you can get it there at a substantial third-off the cover price if you’re willing to wait.

I’d suggest that Marvel is trying to combat DC’s complete domination of news coverage (with their line-wide reboot) by putting out a larger-than-normal number of titles this week, but I don’t believe either company does that much detailed planning. I’m just surprised that there are new issues of Daredevil (#4, $2.99) and X-Men (#18, $3.99) out, when the previous ones came out only a week or two ago. That’s one way to make more money without slapping a $3.99 tag on the book — just put out 14 or 16 or 18 issues a year. Or, in the case of X-Men, a way to make even more money.

Poor Captain America Corps (#4, $2.99) — it’s not a bad idea to team up all the characters who’ve worn the flag over the years, but this title has so little interest that, to the best of my knowledge, no one even cares enough to pirate it. I’m reading it (in print, purchased issues) because I always kind of liked American Dream.

As for DC, well, there’s something comforting in deciding to get all the books. I don’t have to make any further decisions. We’ll be covering them by the end of the week.

3 Responses to “Good Comics Out September 21: Exceptional Manga”

  1. Chris R Says:

    I really like Captain America Corp. I like how they get a version of cap that’s still inexperienced.

    I know there was a big drop in sales after issue one but I think it got caught between the by that time petering out excitement over the movie and the coming storm that is the DC 52. I’m very curious to see the numbers on the book for august and september.

    In spite of the 52 craze I do think it will go up slightly from where it was at issue 2 but probably not where it was at issue one which did pretty decent numbers. I know it placed in the middle of diamonds top 300 for what it’s worth. I’m buying it regularly.

    The story is very similar to a story that came out in the 90s where various “Thors” from different periods in time were drawn together to fight a version of Kangs true love Ravonna. But in this particular reality it was Kang who was put in a coma and Ravonna who became the “conqueror”.

  2. Suzene Says:

    My “OMG, WANT!” for the week is the new Beasts of Burden short in Dark Horse Presents #4. Other than that, it’s waiting for the Amazon order to show up (which includes Bunny Drop and Love and Capes, both your fault, BTW).

  3. Johanna Says:

    I hope you like them, Suzene! And thanks for that writeup, Chris.




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