Which Manga Titles Do You Want to See Rescued?

Today, Alex Hoffman restarted his Rescue Me! series by talking about The Stellar Six of Gingacho.

I ordered the elusive Volume 3, one of the last books to make it out of Tokyopop during their shutdown, from one of the third-party Amazon sellers in the UK, since that’s apparently where it can be found. I haven’t read it yet, because there’s a particular poignant sadness to be savored when reading the last volume of a series that died too soon.

Alex’s choices are good ones — in addition to Stellar Six, he’s previously covered the adorable Stolen Hearts and my favorite of the three he’s written about so far, The Secret Notes of Lady Kanoko (which is only missing one volume to complete). In case you’d like to see my comments on these series, here they are: Stolen Hearts, Stellar Six, Lady Kanoko

So that leads me to the eternal question: Which manga titles would you most want to see rescued? Top of my list would be Aria, which has now killed two publishers (ADV, then Tokyopop). It’s such a lovely, relaxing manga — and that’s its downfall. It doesn’t cause a lot of excitement, so it’s easy to overlook how wonderful it is.

I was also very sad to see Inubaka: Crazy for Dogs put on indefinite hiatus, although its publisher (Viz) is still going strong, so maybe there’s hope yet. I’d love to read more of Suppli, too — and that one is planned to be upcoming in Alex’s series.

While we’re talking about hoping for new life for manga series, I hope Tokyopop eventually does the right thing and returns ownership of the OEL titles to their creators. Maybe then I could finally read the ending of Steady Beat.


  1. For me, the two titles I’d most like to see come back are Junji Ito’s Museum of Terror and Kazuo Umezu’s Scary Book, both of which got 3 volumes from Dark Horse a number of years back, but were dropped after that.

  2. Broken record request for me – Kindaichi Case Files.

    I’d be grinning for a year if that came back.

  3. Sgt. Frog, since it was the only Tokyopop series I was reading at the time of the shutdown. It’s not as good as it used to be, but still a fun series.

    Also, this is a novel series, but I’m sure my husband would like for The Twelve Kingdoms to be rescued. He has all the hardcovers that Tokyopop published

  4. Aside from Alex’s picks, I would really like to see Skyblue Shore come back. It was a very cute, high energy drama and I loved working on it. It only made it to two volumes before the TP shutdown.

  5. I got my Hanako of Terror Vol #4 and Steller Six # 3 from Robert’s Anime Corner Store.

    Please Rescue Me!
    #1 The Kindaichi Case Files
    #2 Aria
    #3 Pet Shop Of Horrors
    #4 V.B. Rose
    #5 The Queen’s Knight
    #6 The Secret Notes of Lady Kanoko (and its sequel series)
    #7 Alice in the Country of Hearts
    #8 Bride of Deimos
    #9 Swan
    #10 Apothecarius Argentum


    The list really goes on and on… :( I probably have the slimest chance with Kindaichi and those shoujo series from the 70’s sigh…I’d like to read Rose of Versailles too.

  6. We all know what my first choice is, (say it with me) Even a Monkey Can Draw Manga.
    The following Tezuka titles: Astro Boy, Adolph, and Phoenix.
    The following Rumiko Takahashi titles: Uresei Yatsura, Maison Ikkoku, and Rumic Theater.
    Monster by Naoki Urasawa. (Hmm, noticing these are mostly Viz books.)
    Cyborg 009 by Shotaro Ishinomori.
    The following titles by Buichi Terasawa: Space Adventure Cobra, Goku Midnight Eye, and Kabuto.
    Walking Man by Jiro Taniguchi.
    Doing Time by Kazuichi Hanawa.

    That’s enough to ruin my bank account.

  7. lovelyduckie,

    I did forget Aria. Thanks for putting that on your list.

  8. For me the obvious choices are Nodame Cantabile and Moyasimon, but going back to the days of RAIJIN Comics and Super Manga Blast!, I’d pick Revenge of Mouflon and Club 9.

  9. Oh, yeah, Kindaichi Case Files. Those were fun.

    Daniella, Skyblue Shore is also on Alex’s upcoming list to cover as rescue requests, so you’re in good company.

    Yay, Ed said Monkey! I was waiting for that. :)

    I think there’s a difference between asking a company to do pure reprints, as much of your list is, Ed, and asking someone to complete an unfinished series. The latter was what I think Alex and I were talking about. Although the former is good to make companies aware of, too.

    Club 9 — I keep meaning to try that sometime. Knowing it’s unfinished puts me off.

  10. Wholeheartedly Moyashimon! It makes me so sad that this never went past volume 2 ;_;

  11. Pavane for a Dead Girl the mixture of super Moe artstyle with black magic and classicel music was intresting and I would have liked to have read more of it. That and Dragon Voice becuese one title away from the conclusion and it gets dropped that’s just sad.

  12. Sadly, it’s starting to look like the splendid “Crimson Hero” needs rescuing: Viz seems to have quietly stopped scheduling any new volumes. (Insert profane rage here.) Beyond that, my most desired rescue would probably be another totally terrific shoujo page-turner: “Life.”

  13. Like duckie, I have a list. I’ll just limit it to ten. My shelves are full of unfinished series from dead publishers.

    1. Fujoshi Rumi (Media Blasters)
    2. From Eroica With Love (CMX)
    3. Suppli (Tokyopop)
    4. Nodame Cantabile (Del Rey)
    5. Evyione (Udon)
    6. Saver (Tokyopop)
    7. Duck Prince (CPM)
    8. Skyblue Shore (Tokyopop)
    9. Apothecarius Argentum (CMX)
    10.Ultimate Venus (Go Comi!)

    I’ll be really sad if Viz dropped Crimson Hero, as I was collecting that one too. I’m worried about Kaze Hikaru also. I haven’t seen any more volumes pop up on Amazon. Hope that one continues.

  14. forest_fairy_801


    1. From Eroica with Love
    2. Nodame Cantabile
    3. Moyashimon
    4. Petshop of Horrors Tokyo
    5. Apothecarius Argentum
    6. Crimson Hero

    I can get these from France, but it would be so much cheaper if I could buy them here:

    7. Trinity Blood
    8. Gintama
    9. Ultimate Venus

  15. I haven’t heard of a number of these listed, which I think points out how difficult to manage a list it is for a publisher. It takes a large audience and a good deal of awareness to keep a whole line alive.

  16. Oh, hey, I forgot a big one: “Shadow Star” — but only if the rescuing publisher starts over from the beginning and has the stones to release the thing uncensored. Otherwise, don’t bother.

  17. Many of the Gutsoon, or the Raijin comics if you prefer, but mostly Grappler Baki (or Baki the Grappler as they called it). Viz tried to publish ‘TOUGH’ a handful of years ago but only a few volumes were released (it’s a big series).
    Others include:
    XS Hybrid
    Shonan Junai Gumi (I know this has been ‘saved’ but until I see it on the shelves I take nothing for granted).
    Shadow Star
    Nambul(anyone remember that one?)

  18. Demon Sacred
    Silver Diamond
    Ultimate Venus
    Genju no Seiza

    Then there’s a bunch of names from CMX that I never even got around to starting to collect before the shutdown. And a couple of other Go!Comi and Tokyopop titles that I will probably never even begin, unless someone commits to publishing them all.

    But Demon Sacred is definitely the first one on my wish list. I want to finish it so much.

  19. I didn’t read a lot of Tokyopop, but one Manga I was heavily invested in was Silver Diamond. I’m very upset to see it disappear.

  20. Ray (from ADV)
    Apothecarius Argentum (from CMX)

  21. I second Nodame and Moyasimon. What’s up with Kodansha Comics? There are several outstanding titles.

  22. Qwan
    Alive: The Final Evolution
    Beyond the Beyond
    Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok
    The First King Adventure
    Gamerz Heaven
    DNAngel (use to be really big)
    R2: Rise R to the Second Power
    Pick of the Litter

    I don’t know what will happen if there are new volumes Lagoon Engine Einsatz. I’d buy multiple copies of any of them if I had to.

  23. Pick of the Litter had 5 with 6. Never-mind then.

  24. I have a list, and it’s sad, since it runs to about 50 titles, but this is the top 10:

    Apothecarius Argentum (CMX)
    Swan (CMX)
    Teru Teru x Shonen (CMX)
    The Emblamber (Tokyopop)
    Nodame Cantabile (Del Rey)
    VB Rose (Tokyopop)
    Peacemaker Kurogane (ADV -AND- Tokyopop)
    Skyblue Shore (Tokyopop)
    Stolen Hearts (CMX)
    Shinobi Life (Tokyopop)
    and Hetalia (Tokyopop) by someone will will treat it properly

    Well that’s 11. I’ve finished some series up in French – namely a couple of GoComi! titles – but I would HAPPILY double-buy if, say,
    Bound Beauty or Walkin’ Butterfly was published in English.

  25. Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Viz puplished vol 16 a year ago and haven’t said anything about if they will release vol 17. Reborn is my favourite series and they stopped publishing it just as it reached the absolutely briliant Future arc. I really hope Viz decides to continue it and if they market it well, I think it could be a big hit for them as it should appeal to the Bleach, Fairy Tail and Naruto fans.

  26. I was just wondering if someone was going to mention any Aurora titles.

  27. Oliver, Kodansha picked up a surprising number of the Del Rey titles, but they didn’t do them all. That makes sense to me, that they’d want to start with the stronger sellers to get their company established.

  28. Kindaichi Case Files is my main one. Yet I’d love to see more of Erica Sakurazawa’s work too.

  29. Urusei Yatsura/Lum

    Oh, and I suppose the following would also be nice:
    Saiyuki Reload
    Genju no Seiza
    Petshop of Horrors Tokyo
    Stolen Hearts
    Silver Diamond
    Alice in the Country of Hearts (one freaking volume left!)
    Shinobi Life
    Young Magician
    Slayers Novels
    Scrapped Princess novels

  30. Like everyone else I have a long list but here’s my top eleven

    Silver Diamond (Tokyopop)
    Ghost Hunt (Del Rey)
    From Eroica with Love (CMX)
    Venus Capriccio (CMX)
    Crown (Go Comi)
    Bound Beauty (GO Comi)
    Alive: Final Evolution (Del Rey)
    Ratman (Tokyopop)
    Demon Sacred (Tokyopop)
    Love Pistols (Blu/Tokyopop)
    Apothecarius Argentum (CMX)
    Loveless (Tokyopop)

  31. Swan, Swan, Swan. And that’s saying a lot because I just ran across this series at my local library less than a week and I am in love with it. It’s killing me that it’s not finished.

    Life by Tokyopop too. I conveniently bought all nine volumes right before they quit releasing them…

  32. Cromartie High School
    Octopus Girl
    Even a Monkey Can Draw Manga
    Museum of Terror
    Scary Book

  33. I’d like to see viz rescue/reprint a bunch of their series. Classics like Maison Ikkoku, Monster, Saikano, and other lesser known titles inexplicably lost all support from viz and now they’re impossible to fully collect. I wonder if their license expired or something of the sorts, because it just makes no sense to do this. *my collection weeps*

    Now in what regards companies that went down, Emma is a no brainer. I heard some rumors that yenpress acquired it’s rights, but there’s no official statement on that.

    I would also really like to see Initial D being rescued.

  34. Shinobi life
    Paradise kiss

  35. Kevin Lighton

    Kindaichi Case Files
    Urusei Yatsura
    Area 88
    Legend of Kamui
    Legend of Mother Sarah
    Shadow Star
    What’s Michael?

    …And I’ll stop at ten, although there are a lot more I could list from the 20ish years I’ve been collecting.

  36. iD_entity (AKA Yurika, i believe.)

    yes, yes, i know it’s Korean and thus not exactly manga (or at least that’s my understanding) but it’s about the only Tokyopop title i Bought rather than just reading at the library, and they cancelled it only one (or Maybe two, can’t quite remember) volumes before the end of the first arc.

    somehow the series continues to go strong in france last i heard, and had at least twice as many volumes published in french at the time tokyopop scuttled it. you’d think the english market would be bigger and thus if you could sell enough to justify it in france you could do so in the large proportion of the world that speaks english, but apparently not. very annoying.

  37. I stopped reading Alive: The Final Evolution, I was only a few volumes in when I realized the series was going to be interrupted :( it’s hard for me to continue a series when I know it’s going to end in incomplete heart ache.

  38. Cali_leo_girl

    Work with me…I guess a lot of Tokyopop titles because their translations were always off, even their best selling stories and everything of CMX so no list of their works…LOL

    Lupin III: World’s Most Wanted-Monkey Punch
    I.N.V.U-Kim Kang Won
    Love Triangle-Yuki Yoshihara
    Initial D.-Shuichi Shigeno
    Peach Girl-MIwa Ueda
    Futari Ecchi-Katsu Aki
    Happy Mania- Moyoco Anno
    Life-Keiko Suenobu
    Fake: Sanami Matoh
    Cyborg 009-Shotaro Ishinomori
    Confidential Confessions-Reiko Momochi
    Legal Drug-CLAMP
    Miyuki Chan in Wonderland-CLAMP
    Tramps Like Us- Yayoi Ogawa
    Doll-Mitsukazu Mihara
    X-Day- Setona Mizushiro
    Pet Shop of Horror- Matsuri Akino
    Kodocha-Miho Obana
    Tokyo Tribes (Tokyo Tribe2)- Santa Inoue
    Mars-Fuyumi Soryo
    Afterschool Nightmre- Setona Mizushiro
    Remote- Seimaru Amagi/Tetsuya Koshiba
    Angel-Erica Sakurazawa
    Angel Nest-Erica Sakurazawa
    Between the Sheets (Sheets no Sukima)-Erica Sakurazawa
    The Aromatic Bitters-Erica Sakurazawa
    The Rules of Love-Erica Sakurazawa
    Nothing But Loving You Erica Sakurazawa

    Some of these titles were finished but I wish these will get picked up in the future. :)

  39. If I’ve said it once, I’m sure I’ve mentioned it numerous times on other manga blogs:

    -Ninin Ga Shinobuden (a.k.a. Ninja Nonsense) (Infinity Studios)
    -Mamoru The Shadow Protector (a.k.a. Kage Kara Mamoru!!) (DR Master)
    -Lunar Legend Tsukihime (DR Master)
    -Those Who Hunt Elves (ADV Manga)
    -ARIA (Tokyopop)

    As an aside, I’m kinda surprised no one mentioned any titles from DR Master/ComicsOne (Infinity Studios, not so much).

  40. Descendants of Darkness (VIZ)
    Kyo Kara Maoh (Tokyo Pop)
    Legal Drug (Tokyo Pop)
    Trinity Blood (Tokyo Pop)
    Demons Flower (Tokyo Pop)
    Gravitation (Tokyo Pop)
    Gorgeous Carat (Tokyo Pop)
    Genju No Seiza (Tokyo Pop)
    Trinity Blood (Tokyo POP)
    07 Ghost (Go Comi)
    Wild Adapter (Tokyo Pop)
    Stolen Hearts (CMX)
    Countdown Days (DMP)
    Butterfly (Tokyo Pop)
    Silver Diamond (Tokyo Pop)

    I’m pretty disappointed with Tokyo Pop they have so many titles in complete and do not post a message for their customers to state why these books will no longer be published. Jeez send out a simple message to customers buying the series to be a little considerate. I’m tired of trying to collect only to realize after a few months to year that I have to research to figure out why I can no longer find out what happened or if a series is still going. It’s very discouraging!

  41. […] Which Manga Titles Do You Want to See Rescued? — Spurred on by the demise of Tokyopop, 40 comments […]

  42. v. b. rose is the one i want to see rescued the most. it’s so close to being finished, so there’s no reason not to finish it!
    zone-00 and trinity blood are two more, i love the storylines and art.
    demon sacred is another good one, i’d love to see that one saved.
    qwaser of stimata is another one. it’s weird, but so good!
    also, princess ai…one more volume of the second series nthat never had a chance is all i need!
    tokyopop has been screwed over by incompetence, but that’s no reason that so many, many wonderful and amazing manga to go unpublished in english

  43. please rescue GAKUEN ALICE T.T
    pretty pretty please??
    its a great anime, i wonder why not much ppl pleaded for this anime
    if Tokyopop re-published this manga, i will 100% buy it, no matter how much it cost!!

  44. please reacue Zone-00 & trinity blood T_T

  45. Silver Diamond.
    That is all.

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