Honoring Minck Ooserveer: Free Unknown Comics

Now here’s a twist to digital comics I hadn’t previously considered… you can give them away free whenever you want.

Artist Minck Oosterveer recently passed away in a motorcycle accident at the too-young age of 50. Some of his best-known work in the U.S. is his art on two books from Boom! Studios written by Mark Waid: The Unknown and its sequel The Devil Made Flesh.

To honor his memory, per comiXology on Twitter, Boom! has made those two books (The Unknown, The Devil Made Flesh) available for free download. I don’t know how long this offer will be good, but they’re good reads, so I recommend you check them out to recognize what a talent is gone.

Update: Boom! Studios sent out the following statement, clarifying that the books are free through all their digital distributors:

This Monday, we were stunned by the news of the tragic passing of Minck Oosterveer. After the shock had worn off, we here at BOOM! Studios thought that the best way we could think of to celebrate his life is by exposing as many people as possible to his creative work.

So in honor of the memory of Minck Oosterveer, BOOM! Studios is offering all issues of Mark Waid and Oosterveer’s THE UNKNOWN and THE UNKNOWN: DEVIL MADE FLESH for free through all our digital partners — comiXology, iVerse, Graphicly, and mydigitalcomics. Please feel free to spread the word. Long known overseas, Minck was just getting traction here in the States, making his untimely passing even more tragic.

Also, BOOM!’s Editor-in-Chief, Matt Gagnon, has written a stirring remembrance of Minck on our blog.

Thank you for helping us expose more people to this great artist.

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