Repeater’s Lament

It’s not my usual kind of thing, but I found myself drawn in anyway. Repeater’s Lament is a long-form webcomic (that began life as a screenplay) that posts a page every other Tuesday. It’s the story of Devin Drake, who’s somehow released from Death Row only to find his daughter Caitlyn doing drugs with his old compatriots. He encounters a preacher who used to be an angel, and things get weirder from there.

Repeater Lament

It’s written by Joannie Cheng. Part 1, the first 22 pages, is illustrated by Jhomar Soriano (Liar’s Kiss). Part 2 and following changes to J.M. Ringuet. The comic is also available to buy from Graphicly at 99 cents an issue.

So far as I’ve read, the shot choices are creative and the figure work is strong. Part 2 becomes more stylized with a change from dark blue to khaki undertone. Warning: strong language and adult concepts, so maybe NSFW.

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