Lost Hero: A Fan Superhero Film
September 24, 2011

It’s a familiar idea, given life in a fan-film. Lost Hero is a 25-minute movie about a Superman-like hero, Magnificent Man (Andrew Langton), sitting down for drinks with his former arch-enemy, Vincent King (Tom Knutson), who’s now dying of cancer. They’re both older now, and they bemoan how things have changed with the current heroes being “masked sadists”.

I found the performances a little uncomfortable, as though they weren’t sure how broad to play it, or maybe overplaying a little too much to signal “comic-book-like”, although it does hit all the right emotional notes at the end. I did like the fedora and the annoying way MM kept blowing out matches. The sepia-tinted flashback (with Sam Albertson as younger Vincent) is nicely cheesy, while another memory pastiches the Batman TV show, complete with big on-screen sound effects and a surf-guitar-inspired underscore. I could have done without the opening almost-two-minutes of Star-Wars-like credits, though; I recommend skipping ahead.

There’s nothing too original here, but it’s entertaining enough to watch, as the movie plays with things any superhero comic reader has thought about. What if Superman lost his humanity? Is Lex Luthor more like Superman than he’d like to recognize? Where do you draw the line between superhero and dangerous vigilante? Do we need heroes, and how inspiring can they be?

Here’s the trailer:

You can, for a limited time, watch the whole thing with the password “vincentking”. It’s directed and co-written by Michael Hall.

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