AdHouse Books Appearing at Richmond Zine Fest

Richmond Zine Fest poster

The Richmond Zine Fest will be taking place in Richmond, Virginia, on October 8. This show, dedicated to raising awareness and encouraging the creation of zines, independent press, and other D.I.Y. endeavors, is in its fourth year. It will include writers and distributers from all over the mid-Atlantic region with opportunities to network, sell, and trade zines, as well as a schedule of workshops related to zines, publishing, activism, and DIY culture.

From the About Us page comes this explanation: “A zine fest is not a craft fair, comic book convention, or a book fair. We do not mind if these things are sold by tablers, but we do ask that they devote at least 50% of their stock to zines and other affordable printed matter. Because zines are generally in the range of $1 to $5, you can expect to buy a lot of great reading material for a low price!”

AdHouse Books will be exhibiting there, and Chris Pitzer posted that they “like the challenge of half of our table having to be affordable publications, so come see what type of stuff we’ll be blowing out! $3! $2! $1!” Rob @ Panel Patter went to the show in 2009 and posted a report.

3 Responses to “AdHouse Books Appearing at Richmond Zine Fest”

  1. Celina Says:

    Thank you for mentioning the Richmond Zine Fest on your blog, Johanna! As a huge fan of AdHouse Books, I’m really excited to see what will be at their table.

    Rob of Panel Patter also attended the fest in 2010, which was also held at the same location as this year’s zine fest. I just wanted to note that GCCR is a very different venue than Gallery 5. Both locations have have their pros/cons, which Rob addresses on his blog.

  2. Johanna Says:

    Thanks for the updated link! Always good to know about the current venue.

  3. hardtravelinghero Says:

    I will be there representing the ArmzRace!




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