Archie Licenses Characters for Wood Jewelry

Per Archie Comics press release, the comic company has “announced a partnership with premiere wooden accessories maker GoodWoodNYC to create a line based on the vast Archie Comics library of characters and stories. … GoodWoodNYC is the premier lifestyle brand specializing in custom made wooden accessories.”

The announcement goes on to talk about “signature items steeped in contemporary fashion”, but if you visit the web page dedicated to the Archie items, the first things you see are generic items, such as a hamburger (for Jughead) or a bowtie (for Archie) or the phrase “chick magnet” (really?):

Hamburger necklace from GoodWoodChick Magnet necklace from GoodWood

Continued browsing reveals more character-specific works, including several variants on Jughead’s crown as well as Betty & Veronica coasters, an Archie skateboard deck, pin sets for the characters (divided into Archie, Jughead, and the girls), and this kind of nifty panel bracelet:

Archie character wooden bracelet

Items are hand-painted, limited, and “exclusive”, to drive collectibility. Of interest to me was also how Archie is promoting itself these days. According to the “about the company” boilerplate, the company is “the leading mass market comic book publisher in the world and the home to a wide array of the most popular humor, action-adventure, and superhero characters in entertainment”. Quite a claim, but if you don’t define “leading” in any way that can be measured, you can’t argue against it, either.

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