Orienteering: Great Short Webcomic and Process Journal

Orienteering panel

Two of my favorite comic creators, Erika Moen and Sara Ryan, teamed up in 2007 for the three-page comic Orienteering (NSFW language). Now, Erika has posted the piece at her website, and I’m glad, because any new comic by either of these women is worth reading. Especially this one, about how easily and quickly things can change for the better. I’m also impressed by how well a lot of monologue is handled — I didn’t notice the balance of text to art on page two until I particularly studied it — and how lovely the colors are.

Erika has also posted a lengthy post about how the art was created, including how some of the techniques differed from her usual approach. If you’d like more, Erika’s latest comic is Bucko (written by Jeff Parker), while Sara Ryan updates her website regularly.

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