Angel & Faith #2

I really am spoiled by the collected edition and the graphic novel, because while reading serialized comics, I think is “how long is this storyline planned to run?” I’m guessing at how many twists we’ll see to fill how many issues. It’s hard for me to lose myself in a new chapter, especially if it begins with action, since that’s not why I read comics.

Angel & Faith #2 cover

I know, that really says more about me than about the book, and it’s an unfair assumption to bring to an action-adventure title. But haven’t we seen girls battle vampires over and over? Even though the fight scenes are well-drawn and exciting, what attracts me here are the conversations and feelings and motivations.

Although it’s a case of “be careful what you wish for”, since we spend a lot of time inside Faith’s head here, which feels odd to me. She was always the tough one, the hard shell, the one who did what needed to be done regardless of how she felt about it. Wallowing over worries about what others thought of you was for Buffy and her buddies, and Faith was never really part of that group. But she’s a title character now, and we need to learn more about her to make this book more than fight scenes and nostalgia.

Plus, someone’s got to narrate, and Faith’s a better choice than Angel, who seems a bit demented once again. His goal, as set out in the first issue, is to bring Giles back from the dead, and here, we learn how he intends to do it.

Any excuse for a flashback with the professor. Even though he’s departed, Giles is a significant supporting player here, and he provides some necessary moral guidance, even through memory. Like the others, he’s drawn exactly as he should be. It’s a welcome comfort seeing these characters look and act (the hard part) like their original actors.

The publisher’s website has preview pages. (The publisher provided a digital review copy.)

4 Responses to “Angel & Faith #2”

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  2. ADD Says:

    I was shocked how much more I enjoyed this issue than any other issue of the whole Season 8/9 universe since it began. They’re really getting it exactly right on this title.

  3. Johanna Says:

    I didn’t read the previous Buffy comics, but I can see following this one for a while. It’s fun! In a working-out-issues kind of way.

  4. ADD Says:

    Season 8 had some good moments but really went way over the top and collapsed at the end. Whedon and co. seem to be aware of this and I’m hopeful Season 9 will be of a similar quality to Angel and Faith.




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