Good Comics Out September 28: A Whole Bunch of Reviews

Woo hoo, a whole month of recommendation posts down! This could become a habit — especially if people enjoy reading them. (Hint, hint.)

Here are things coming out this week I’ve previously covered:

That’s a pretty impressive shopping list, although they all won’t be for everyone, but I enjoyed each of them in some way. Then there are these notable releases:

Frank Miller’s Holy Terror (Legendary Comics, $29.95) is exactly what you think it is: Batman and Catwoman fight terrorists with their ears filed off (since DC is no longer publishing it) in Sin City (at least, based on that same Milleresque art style). There’s not much point to it, no message, no deep thinking, so unless you really like Miller’s current nihilistic style, I recommend saving the $30.

Or spending it on Craig Thompson’s Habibi (Pantheon, $35), which tries to engage the Middle East on a much more thoughtful basis. No idea if it succeeds, although I’m sure (still not having read it yet) that it’s a more worthwhile endeavor. Also, much better value, at almost 700 pages of that luscious brushwork.

At the opposite end of the industry, I’m looking forward to finally getting six of the DC Super-Pets books (Picture Window Books, $4.95 each) because they look adorable! The ones that came out in bookstores in January (!) are finally available through comic stores. Of course, now I discover that there are five more released in August — wonder how many months I’ll have to wait to get those in my local comic store? At least I’m learning patience. And a good comic (or kids’ book, in this case) is still good, whenever you discover it.

Last, in case you haven’t heard, what with the TV show mention and the goofy title to make the point and all, Marvel’s putting out a tie-in: Castle: Richard Castle’s Deadly Storm ($19.99). Remains to be seen how enjoyable for show fans it will be, or whether the cross-promotion will work. I’m a sap, I’m getting one.

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  1. Chad Says:

    My kids love the Super-Pets books. (We — or rather, I — couldn’t wait, so we snapped ‘em up on Amazon a while back.)

    A few of the stories are a little wonky, but Art Baltazar’s sublime illustrations, the jokes at the end of each story and the character bios help make it all go down smoothly.

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