Site Now a Warner Shop Affiliate
October 2, 2011

Because they offered me the opportunity, I am now a Warner Bros. online store affiliate. That means that any links to wbshop.com that result in purchases will provide a small source of income for Comics Worth Reading and DVDs Worth Watching. These links mostly occur in my Warner Archive reviews and posts, since I want people to know where they can buy products I recommend (or recommend against, for that matter). I may also be mentioning special deals or coupons I find significant, such as this one:

$5 off $50

This post has been brought to you in the interest of full disclosure.

2 Responses  
Jim Kosmicki writes:  

as long as their multi-disc discount and free shipping offers still work, I will be more than happy to order through your links. Your site is my primary source (besides their emails) of knowing what they are putting out, so it’s only fair. I trust your more lengthy reviews far more than the mini-reviews posted on their site.

Johanna writes:  

All the offers should be the same, it’s just how you get there. Thank you very much for your kind words and your support!


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