TwoMorrows October Releases: Two Timely Magazines With Previews + Modern Masters: Frazer Irving

Alter Ego #105

With the Comics Code in the news lately, what better time to explore the censorship effects the Authority had on comic production?

Alter Ego #105, due out October 26 (84 pages, $7.95), promises to document how the 1954-55 establishment of the Comics Code Authority “changed comics greatly … with comic art and script before and after the CCA got hold of them, with art by SIMON & KIRBY, DITKO, BUSCEMA, SINNOTT, GOULD, COLE, STERANKO, KRIGSTEIN, O’NEIL, GLANZMAN, ORLANDO, WILLIAMSON, HEATH, and many others!” (Cover shown by Josh Medors.)

I love those kinds of stories, pointing out the silly things censors often object to, although I’ve never heard any specifics about comics before. (Most of the stories I’m familiar with come from TV or movies.) TwoMorrows Publishing has posted a 20-page PDF preview.

Back Issue #52

That same day sees the debut of the newly full-color Back Issue #52 (84 pages, $8.95) with another timely subject: Bronze Age mystery comics! (“Mystery” is code for “horror”, due to Comics Code restrictions.)

The cover is by Bernie Wrightson, one of the interview subjects. The magazine will also feature coverage of “DC’s Horror Hosts and Ghosts, Charlton Comics’ chiller anthologies, and damsels of darkness Black Orchid and Madame Xanadu.”

TwoMorrows has posted a PDF preview of this issue as well.

On the book front, this month’s release is Modern Masters: Frazer Irving, the 26th volume in that series. I know Irving’s art from Klarion the Witch-Boy (collaborator on that title Grant Morrison provides the one-page introduction) and the recent Xombi, but he’s also contributed significantly to Batman titles, 2000 AD, and Gutsville.

This entry follows the same, successful format of other Modern Masters volumes: a book-length interview covering the basics, illustrated throughout with art samples from throughout the subject’s history, followed by a gallery section. In Irving’s case, there’s a lot of information on digital creation, since he’s done so much on computer over the length of his career, as well as discussion of how he prefers to color his own work.

TwoMorrows has posted a 26-page PDF preview of the book that they say serves as a “good sampling of the other various interviews, articles, and art from the issue.”

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  1. Thad Says:

    For arguably the most famous Code story — the one about how EC finally folded up shop –, Google the phrase “You can’t have a Negro.”

    It’s recounted rather nicely in The Ten-Cent Plague, though that version of the story repeats the claim that Mad was turned into a magazine to circumvent the Code, which Gaines himself said was a myth. (He said they switched to magazine format at Kurtzman’s request, and that escaping the Code in the process was a happy accident.)

    Also famously, the Code red-flagged the phrase “a wandering Wolfman” in a DC book — and when DC responded that no, Wolfman was in fact the writer’s name, that led to DC starting to put writer/artist credits in its books.

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