Michael George Retrial Defense Concludes; George Doesn’t Testify

The retrial of retailer Michael George for his wife’s murder 21 years ago continues with these updates.

On Monday, the judge denied a defense motion for acquittal. Defense witnesses then began their testimony, among which was a customer, Douglas Kenyon, who said he saw

an “evasive” man standing in the back corner of the Clinton Township comic book store he visited as a teen. The man with a “skinny build” was dressed in jeans, a hooded sweatshirt, and baseball cap — odd attire for the 90-degree day, Kenyon said. …

Kenyon, then 15, testified Monday that he and his mother were the only others inside the Comics World store around 5:30 PM that evening, apart from the mysterious patron. The shop’s owner, Barbara George, rang up Kenyon’s purchase. He left. Within a half hour authorities say the 32-year-old shop owner was shot in the head in a back room. Her body was discovered just after 6 PM by several customers.

Another witness is George’s daughter Tracie, who testified

that she remembers her father sleeping on her grandmother’s couch the evening her mother died. “I remember rushing to the hospital. I don’t remember who drove,” said George, 26, who was then 4.

She also said that she did not remember what time she was at the grandmother’s house, a key point in establishing George’s alibi.

Neither Michael George nor current wife Renee will testify. Both sides rested their cases today, with closing arguments due tomorrow, followed by jury deliberation.

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