Boom! Announces Winners of Decision 2012 Comic Straw Poll

In September, Boom! Studios announced a plan to create a biographical comic book for each potential Presidential candidate. They called the promotion Decision 2012, “comic book’s first straw poll”. The candidate with the highest number of orders would “win”.

Barack Obama coverSarah Palin coverRon Paul coverMichele Bachmann cover

Now, they’ve announced the results. The rankings came in as follows:

1. Barack Obama
2. Sarah Palin
3. Ron Paul
4. Michele Bachmann
5. Mitt Romney
6. Herman Cain
7. Newt Gingrich
8. Jon Huntsman
9. Rick Santorum
10. Rick Perry

There was one caveat: “If your candidate’s comic book does not get pre-ordered by at least 1,500 copies, then it will not be printed.” Out of the 10 options available, only the top four made that cutoff. So the two women, President Obama, and Ron Paul will be the only ones with comics made, even though the second-place winner, Sarah Palin, is now not running.

It seems, regarding the Republicans, that the more extreme (and thus both well-known and having more devoted followers) candidates were the ones that gathered enough notice to justify a comic. Obama and Palin have already had biographical comics and made appearances in comics from other publishers.

2 Responses to “Boom! Announces Winners of Decision 2012 Comic Straw Poll”

  1. William George Says:

    I wonder if the Ron Paul comic will have a scene where he has sex with his magical free market economics unicorn in order to produce Rand Paul?

  2. Good Comics Out November 9 » Comics Worth Reading Says:

    […] still on the fence about Boom!’s Decision 2012 project. The first comic ships this week, the one for Barack Obama ($3.99), while the Republication […]




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