Girl Superheroes Get Cartoon “Super Best Friends Forever”
October 10, 2011

At a kids’ entertainment conference in France earlier this month, Sam Register, Executive Vice President for Creative Affairs at Warner Bros. Animation, revealed some of the company’s upcoming plans. Other sites focused on the CGI Beware the Batman cartoon (featuring “the sword-wielding samurai” Katana and “new villains” from the “villain library”), but I was more interested in a throwaway remark.

He also announced that the one-hour DC Nation block, which premieres in spring 2012, will include a mixture of animated shorts and live-action interstitials, the latter of which will showcase the fans, collectors and creators who make up the DC Universe (DC Comics Co-Publisher Jim Lee appears in the sizzle reel). As for the former: Look for Aardman Animation-produced Batman claymation shorts, shorts featuring Plastic Man and the Doom Patrol, and from the creator of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic [Lauren Faust], Batgirl, Supergirl, and Wonder Girl starring in Super Best Friends Forever.

Now THAT sounds like something I want to see! It’s the young woman version of the DC trinity.

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William George writes:  

…from the creator of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic [Lauren Faust], Batgirl, Supergirl, and Wonder Girl starring in Super Best Friends Forever.

I can’t wait for the Wu-Tang Clan parody video to hit YouTube.

Faith writes:  

I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE THIS!!! Lauren Faust is so cool. She’s like, the Tina Fey of animation. *_*

DeBT writes:  

If their depictions are anything like the webcomic versions of girl S-heroes, notably the interaction between SuperGirl and BatGirl in that 6-panel comic, I’ll be looking forward to this show.

I’m hoping for somebody to introduce Cassandra Cain as the “Ultra-dark Super-scary Batgirl!” and having the stitchworn suit peer through her soulless dark eyes, raise a single hand and casually say, “Hi.”

Kenn writes:  

Wouldn’t a Wonder Boy be more in keeping with the theme?

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