Win Green Lantern on Blu-ray!
October 10, 2011

I’m thrilled to be able to offer readers this exciting new contest! Thanks to Warner Bros., I have two copies of the Blu-ray Combo Pack (shown here) of Green Lantern to give away.

You’ll be able to purchase this on Friday, October 14, on Blu-ray (complete with UltraViolet digital copy) or download to own. I wrote about all the extras in this package in my review.

To enter for your chance to win, post a comment here, saying why you’d like to win Green Lantern on Blu-ray. Winners will be picked randomly from all entries on Thursday, October 13.

(U.S. addresses only, no PO Boxes. Winners will be emailed to obtain mailing address. If email is not answered within 24 hours or a valid address is not provided, a replacement winner will be selected. Your email won’t be used for any other purpose. Prizes will ship out November 1.)

Ryan Reynolds in Green Lantern

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Jeff Dyer writes:  

I may not know how to change the oil in my car, but I can recite the Green Lantern oath BY HEART!!

I would love to win a copy of GREEN LANTERN!

Pete Graham writes:  

I haven’t seen the movie yet but I just read my first Green Lantern comic with the new 52. I’ve really enjoyed my first month of comic books and would love to have the movie. Thanks!

Jonathan Baylis writes:  

I’d love to win simply so I don’t have pay any money towards it.

Michael Paciocco writes:  

I used to make Green Lantern rings out of foam and such in arts and crafts class as a kid.

So yeah, I wouldn’t mind winning that DVD.

Matt writes:  

I want to win this movie simply because it is fun to win free stuff and I haven’t seen this movie yet :)

Mark D Taylor writes:  

Hmm. Why do I want to win this free awesome movie? Simple.

This is the one superhero movie I didn’t take our 5 year old son to because I was obligated (albeit willing dragged) to the midnight showing. I never got a chance to get him to the theaters due to weekend conflicts, usually involved trips to the zoo, state parks, and playgrounds. Before I knew it, I missed taking him to the movie.

Now, if I win this fantastic free movie, he’ll be able to see it with his dad, in our own private viewing theater (read: living room).

Thank you.


Joe Palmer writes:  

I agree wholeheartedly with your comment that the movie would have benefited from a more focused script. I enjoyed it regardless because Ryan Reynolds is so darned cute.

Mike Johnson writes:  

I would like to win Green Lantern on Blu Ray because it is my fondest desire to own a Piggy Lantern and Kilowog is my favorite Piggy Lantern. I would like to search frame by frame for Ch’p because he has to be in there somewhere or else it’s just not a true GLC.

kris larsen writes:  

My older daughter made me an origami green lantern last week and would love a copy of GL!

James Schee writes:  

I want to win the movie, because for the longest I felt like one of the few people who liked the movie. Its not Shakespeare and there are places it could be better, but I enjoyed watching the movie in theaters.

I’d love to win it, especially since that do to some bills coming due, I won’t be able to affod to buy it for a month at two at least.

paulb writes:  

So I can put on my Green Lantern tshirt, don my plastic green lantern ring and spend two hours pretending I’m in the corps. Of course.

Argo Plummer writes:  

Didn’t get to the theatres this summer to see this. My boys were disappointed we missed it. Would love to surprise them with not only a movie night but also their own copy of the movie.

Thanks for the opportunity!

Hal Shipman writes:  

It would make a certain someone in this house very, very happy to have the the movie. Not that I wouldn’t like it, too. I liked it. But Channing looooved it.

I would also like an oragami lantern, too. That sounds cool. I am incapable to making good oragami myself, but I’m impressed with anything that’s not another crane.

kelly writes:  

I would love to win the blu-ray so that I can sit down and watch it with my 14 year old son in the hope of understanding why it’s his favorite movie. Our local video stores have all just closed (our favorite closed yesterday) leaving us without a local place to rent from and I can’t afford to buy it for him right now. He lives, sleeps, eats and breathes Green Lantern. I get chastised for not remembering the oath in the right order, but at least I try.

Adam writes:  

My son loves this movie. I’d love to have a copy that we could watch together.

Ronald O. writes:  

I would be really thrilled if I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of the winners in your Green Lantern Contest. Not only did me and my wife thoroughly enjoy seeing Green Lantern on the big screen, but I am a HUGE FAN of the live-action superhero (and anti-hero) film adaptations brought to us by the movie studios over the years. And equally as much, I’m also a BIG FAN of ALL the superhero TV adaptations that has made their way to the small screen over the years as well..ie. Batman, Wonder Woman, The FLASH, Lois & Clark, Smallville, etc. Thanks for having the giveaway! :-)

Kim Kelly writes:  

I would like to win this DVD for my boyfriend’s birthday because Green Lantern is his favorite super hero!

Evan Cantrell writes:  

I missed seeing GL in the theater and can’t wait to see it on blu-ray.

Chris G writes:  

I would like to win this because it would be a good excuse to finally upgrade to a Blu-Ray player.

Stephen Cross writes:  

I’d like to win Green Lantern on blu-ray because unlike most people I really liked this movie! Green Lantern and the Flash were always my favorite heroes and with what he was given I think Ryan Reynolds pulled this movie off. It’s a really fun movie! Thanks!

Stephen N. writes:  

I would like to win this for my Dad. He loves the comics and hasn’t seen the movie yet. This would make a great Christmas gift for him.

Brian J. writes:  

I would love to win this movie because Ryan Reynolds is a hottie!

Andy L. writes:  

I’d love to have this movie. Is it available on green-ray?

SW Hagwood writes:  

I’d love to win this flick. My 3 year old grandson is fascinated with my comic collection ( which he can’t touch…yet)so we watch movies together.

Kat Kan writes:  

I’d love to win the Blu-Ray of GL because I’ve been a Hal Jordan GL fan since I was a young girl (it’s going on close to 50 years now). That, and because my hubby just recently underwent a double bypass and paying the medical bills is eating up all my money, meaning I won’t be able to purchase a copy for a long time. I did see the movie in the theater, but some members of my family couldn’t go, so it would be fun to have it available for everyone to watch.

Matt Sinderson writes:  

I’d like to win this movie because i’m studying to be a comic book artist and need all the reference i can get. Green lantern is one of my favorite characters, plus it was one of the first movies i took my girlfriend to. and yes. she did enjoy the film allot!!

Steely Dan writes:  

I’d like to win this because I think I’m one of the few people who saw this film in the theaters and actually liked it quite a bit.

lane writes:  

I would like to win this movie because I am a big fan Green Lantern.
I grew up reading GL and know the oath by heart.

Elisha writes:  

I have not seen the movie yet, and I’ve heard such good things about! I want it!!

Daniel writes:  

The 13th is my birthday! And I managed to miss Green Lantern in theaters. What a wonderful present it would be!

Santiago Casares writes:  

I like Green Lantern and my wife loves Ryan Reynolds… :)

Mike writes:  

Great contest! I want to win it b/c my son and I love watching comic movies together. We’re both comic fans and are dying to see this movie!

Green Lantern Contest Winners, UltraViolet Access Failure » DVDs Worth Watching writes:  

[…] been running a contest giving away two copies of the Blu-ray. I’m pleased to announce that the winners […]

Michael Ryan writes:  

I heard the movie sucks from a few reviewers. I thought I’d like to be proven wrong.


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