Redesigned, Drops News History

Archie Comics announced today that they have revamped their website, (I was surprised, since they just redid the site a year and a half ago, in March 2010. Ironically, that time was promoting the Red Circle superhero deal with DC; now it’s the Red Circle superheroes digitally, no longer with DC.) They brag:

the site has been rebuilt from top-to-bottom to feature the latest in fan interactivity, blogs, social media, digital connectivity and a brand new Archie Comic Shop! … The site arrives with increased functionality and will become the one-stop source for every fans Archie needs — from news to product, ARCHIECOMICS.COM will provide fans with information, deals, constant real-time updates and the best Archie can offer.

Archie's new website

They keep plugging the news mentions and how much coverage Archie’s been getting — yet they didn’t bother keeping any news older than last month. As someone who would link to Archie every so often, I’m a bit ticked that they just broke every link on my site to them (that I’ve checked). The previews of comics I linked to in reviews? Gone. The press releases from a couple of months ago? Can’t find them, search shows “not found”. It’s events like this that make me wonder why I bother linking out in the first place. It’s just more work for me when publishers decide to dump their history.

Ahem. Back to their announcement. Said co-CEO Jon Goldwater,

“We have so much news going on that our fans need a place to go to and learn everything that’s happening. And with a redesigned and more streamlined store, fans can get their favorite Archie books right from the source!”

The commerce is definitely prominent, with the logo buttons across the top linking to that character’s books to buy, and the section underneath linking to title subscriptions. Further down the page, there’s a separate “Archie Comic Shop” banner plus a Hot Deals section for special offers. Methinks Archie really wants you to buy something from them.

Strangely, the two Archie Digital links go to two different places. The banner on the right goes to, Archie’s own online comic subscription service. The link in the top nav bar goes to the same place as the little iPhone icon in the very top left, the Archie iPhone and iPad apps on iTunes.

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