Green Lantern Contest Winners, UltraViolet Process Review
October 14, 2011

Today, the Green Lantern movie is available on home video. To celebrate, I’ve been running a contest giving away two copies of the Blu-ray. I’m pleased to announce that the winners, via random draw, are Ronald O. (self-declared HUGE FAN) and Stephen N. (who now has a Christmas gift for his dad). I’m sorry I didn’t have the ability to give copies to everyone. I was touched to read about all the devoted fans of the hero and those who would be sharing the experience with their kids and loved ones. Thanks very much for participating!

Also, a followup note regarding the first-ever use of UltraViolet to access digital copies of the film. It seems that, as a bonus, the studio is also providing a digital copy of Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, the cartoon starring Nathan Fillion. However, I can’t tell you for sure. I was hoping to have an evaluation of that experience ready, but so far, it’s been one big failure.

You have to have a Flixster account to access your files, and while Flixster insists I have an account (and so won’t let me sign up), it refuses to tell me what my password might be. So I can’t access the digital content I want (and have legal access to) because their email servers are down or their email notification address is marked as spam (I suspect) or something’s gone wrong with their process. Too many third parties in the system make for a miserable customer experience, and it makes me wonder if Flixster was ready for this level of attention.

Update: After I found the right contact address — the first try just looped to the same page — technical support was kind to me and reset my password. Signing up once past that hurdle was simple, although I had to accept various terms of use that are pretty scary-looking. Once I got logged into both Flixster and UltraViolet, then I simply entered the code from the DVD and got access to both GL movies.

I was offered the choice of watching the movie right then (streaming), downloading to my computer, or watching on an iOS or Android device. There’s also a “Watch on Your TV” option labeled “coming soon”. Downloading to computer requires installing Adobe Air and a Flixster Collections App, which can be done in one process, but demands more acceptance of various legal agreements. Once agreed, it’s just a matter of waiting for the download. (I checked all this out, including the Android setup below, and finished the post before mine completed.)

On Android, it was much smoother — download the Flixster Movies app, log in, and a link to your collection appears on the home screen. Select a film, click Watch Now, and there it goes. Video and sound aren’t great, of course, but the screen is the size of a credit card, so I didn’t expect high fidelity. It’s still pretty darn cool.

I’m intrigued by the frequent use of the word “collection” to label what’s being set up here — a subliminal encouragement to buy more? The only other movie available in this system right now is Horrible Bosses. Now that I’m set up, I imagine future films will be very easy to access.

25 Responses  
Ronald O. writes:  

Thank you very much!!! I am very happy to have been chosen as one of the lucky winners in your Green Lantern Contest! I have emailed you, claiming the prize! and provided you with the needed info.(you betcha!)
And CONGRATS! to Stephen N. on his winning! I appreciate what you do here at comicsworthreading.com! Have a great Halloween! :-)

Stephen N. writes:  

Wow! Thank you so much! My mind is blown! I can’t wait to give this to my Dad for X-Mas! Congrats to you to Ronald O. ;)

James Schee writes:  

It was pretty easy to download on my IPad as wel, even gave me Green Lantern Emerald Knights as a free bonus movie.

Batman: Year One » DVDs Worth Watching writes:  

[…] how you access the Digital Copy, although I wish that they’d used the simpler UltraViolet process […]

kathryn writes:  

i have had nothing but unsuccess
i cant access my collection on my flixster account
it was not easy at all

Johanna writes:  

I’m sorry to hear that. Did you contact technical support?

Dana writes:  

I can’t get anywhere,web can’t find address that came in Greenlantern. ultraviolet.flixster.com/greenlantern

Robert E. M. writes:  

Sign up process and being added to friends household have been total disasters for me. Still havent been able to watch one second of GL.

kurt writes:  

I do not want to have another password or join Flixter to get try and get what I paid for, I tunes is much easier, and it works! even though there a pain in the Butt. Atleast it works.

Green lantern still no luck.

If it says Flixter, buyer beware

Matt writes:  

How do I get my digital copy

fred writes:  

how do i get my movie into itunes

Johanna writes:  

You don’t, if you’re using UltraViolet. It uses a streaming system instead of iTunes.

Tom oxford writes:  

It would be nice if it were simply to just enter the info needed to get the Free Copy I paid for. But no, you make it that you have to look everywhere and still did not figure out how to get a free copy. How about once you log in there is spot that says free digital copy here enter code,Simple ?

TB writes:  

still not able to down load. your instructions,suck. will not buy ultraviolet digitables copies ever. Will inform friends not to buy either. ITunes works better.

Colleen writes:  

Can’t find a way to download the copy.

Johanna writes:  

I can understand users being frustrated in having to follow a new process, but I fear the studio has already made up its mind. They don’t seem to like how much control Apple has with the widespread use of iTunes, so while we may see another system as a detriment, that’s exactly what they want, an alternative they control. I know that Disney this week is offering Winnie the Pooh in either a Blu-ray/DVD edition or a Blu-ray/DVD/Digital edition, so there’s a choice there over whether to pay extra for the online version or not, but not every studio releases their movies that way, so there may be no real way for customers to vote with their dollars.

ron in Atl writes:  

This is the worst digital copy ever from now on if it doesnt have 2 copys in the cd case i dont want it… and i still want my digital copy…dang i just spent 20 plus bucks for this.. i couldve bought the regular blue ray for 17 bucks… but no its always the man trying figure out a way to get more of my money….

Johanna writes:  

The single-disc Blu-ray also has the UltraViolet digital copy. The two-disc edition adds a DVD copy. So swapping from this down wouldn’t send the message you hoped — it would tell the studio you didn’t need a regular DVD any more (which I wouldn’t appreciate). The best way to express your opinion would be to send them a letter expressing how much you would rather have an iTunes-usable digital copy.

New UltraViolet Digital Copies Annoying Some Customers » DVDs Worth Watching writes:  

[…] Bosses is the first; both came out the same week, but HB was on Tuesday and GL on Friday.) When I tried UltraViolet, I first had a complete failure, but once my Flixster account was reset, I found the process smooth […]

juan writes:  

Buyer Beware!!!! this really suxx, So disappointed that I purchased this movie, next time I will not purchase anything that has flixster, Ultraviolet. I will definitely find a different way to up load movies to my computer. and im taking this garbage back!

Johanna writes:  

It would be a help to other disappointed customers if you would provide the names of stores that would take back an opened DVD because you didn’t like the software used to provide the digital copy. If you find one.

jervis writes:  

Thanx for the reviews guys! I like this DVD, but ultraviolet will never defile my computer. Flixter the trickster will never know my IP either. It’s garbage. They might be trying something really underhanded. Check your computers.

keoni writes:  

totally waste of time and money, flixter is not user friendly, buyer beware never buy anything that has to do with flixter. Go i-tuns so much simpler. This system is garbage.

Ruth writes:  

This whole thing SUCKS. It took me an hour and a half to download my digit copy on my computer (not where I want it) now I can’t get it onto my ipad (where I do want it). The digital disc is soooooooooo much easier. I wil NEVER buy ultralight again and I WILL be warning my friends. I don’t need someone to manage my movies (and have access to them) I also don’t need or want to make friend with people in B-F-E.

patrina writes:  

Can’t find a way to download the copy.


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