October 2011 Previews: Slim Pickings

Wow, zipping through Previews is getting a lot easier for me, since I’m no longer interested in most of what DC and Marvel are putting out. In fact, much of my interest these days is in classic reprints.

From Dark Horse, we’ll be getting the next Archie Archives volume. Number four (OCT11 0062, $49.99) is due out next February. Great old-fashioned cover!

From DC, I’m thrilled to finally see the Flex Mentallo miniseries by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely collected. The Deluxe Edition hardcover (OCT11 0285, $22.99, February 1) includes a “special sketch section”. It’s only been 15 years since the story first came out, with fans wanting a collection ever since, but better late than never, and there were some unique circumstances getting in the way of the reprint. It’s a mind-blowing story about the transformative power of symbols.

From Marvel, I’m curious to see Spider-Man: The PSAs (OCT11 0739, $$34.99, December). I remember seeing some of those public service comics when they came out. They’re usually cheesy, but at the same time, there’s something touching about seeing comics trying to send a positive message. I probably won’t be able to get through all 450 pages in one sitting, but it might make a great choice to leave in the powder room.

In the realm of a modern classic, the collection of Criminal: The Last of the Innocent (OCT11 0698, $14.99, December 7) is available from Marvel’s Icon imprint. That’s smart — they even run a banner on the ad saying “just in time for X-Mas”. (Oops, typed X-Men there for a minute. Silly!) I found the story a great introduction to the series with some disturbing things to say about the idea of the all-American boy.

Also, my favorite Unwritten storyline of the series so far is collected in The Unwritten Volume 5: On to Genesis (OCT11 0301, $14.99, January 11). It reprints issues 24-30; I’ve recommended the storyline taking place from #27-30.

Let’s move on to some new comics. I wondered why IDW’s Memorial (OCT11 0339, $3.99, December, six-issue miniseries) sounded familiar, and then I realized I talked about it when it was announced back in July. Convention season, you know. At least IDW realizes that they need to promote the book again now — there’s an 11-page preview running in some current IDW titles.

Nowadays, I do much of my collected edition shopping on Amazon. It’s not just that I can get better pricing than through my comic shop, although I can. It’s also because, for managing preorders, it’s a better system. I can keep up with release date changes, I can see the status at any time, and if I decide to cancel, I can do so with no penalty and no one’s stuck with the book or gets upset.

I mention this because, when I saw that Image had a collection of Screamland offered — Screamland: Death of the Party (OCT11 0478, $16.99, December 14) collects the first five issues — I looked it up there. However, it’s not listed. I find it a little weird that, with the book due out in two months, it’s not available for preordering at Amazon. I hope it’s an oversight, not some kind of weird strategy. Sometimes, publishers think that they can force customers to purchase through one particular channel, but restricting customer choice is a poor strategy these days. Buyers know that they don’t have to purchase what or where you tell them to. Anyway, Screamland, good read, about movie monsters tracking down a sex tape and a murder mystery at a fan convention. You should check it out.

Bluewater: where a 32-page comic is $4 and a 40-page comic is an $8 “graphic novel”.

Neat! I’m looking forward to seeing how Frenemy of the State concludes. Oni has issue #5 (OCT11 1181, $3.99, December) available.

Wow, what a nothing of a catalog. I guess releases are more seasonal than I realized, and no one cares about December. On the other hand, if I was looking for images of scantily clad women or half-hearted attempts to jump-start print copies of long-lasting entertainment brands, I’d be wallowing in product. Ah, the comics industry.

3 Responses to “October 2011 Previews: Slim Pickings”

  1. Suzene Says:

    “Neat! I’m looking forward to seeing how Frenemy of the State concludes. Oni has issue #5 (OCT11 1181, $3.99, December) available.”

    YAY! Finally! I’d been wondering what the hold up was.

  2. Mark K Says:

    “Nowadays, I do much of my collected edition shopping on Amazon. It’s not just that I can get better pricing through my comic shop, although I can.”

    Maybe it’s just me but I find this sentence rather confusing. You get a cheaper price at the comic shop but you go to amazon anyways because you like the updates? Or is there a typo in there somewhere?

  3. Johanna Says:

    Nice catch, thank you. I had left out the word “than” — I can get better pricing than through my comic shop. I’ve made the correction now.




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