Spinner Rack: Green Lantern #2, DC Retroactive: Wonder Woman – The 90s

Green Lantern #2

Green Lantern #2 cover

written by Geoff Johns
pencils by Doug Mahnke
inks by Christian Alamy and Keith Champagne

Imagine my surprise, now that we’re into the second month of the new DC, to find that one of my most-anticipated books is one I wouldn’t ever touch before.

I’m finding the premise intriguing. Hal Jordan no longer has a ring, but Sinestro offers him one if Hal will be loyal only to Sinestro. I have no idea where Sinestro got the power, but he’s an evil bastard with it. What fun, to have a villain to hate who seems well-matched to the protagonist.

Hal needs this kind of storyline to redeem himself, to choose to be a Lantern. This showdown is demonstrating exactly what it means to be a hero and why he’s deserving of the title. There’s meat to this plot, big questions, not just big fights.

I’m eager to find out what happens next, and this is just about the only new DC title I can say that about.

DC Retroactive: Wonder Woman – The 90s

DC Retroactive: Wonder Woman - The 90s cover

written by Bill Messner-Loebs
pencils by Lee Moder
inks by Dan Green

Everyone knows how difficult Wonder Woman is to write. Everyone knows her, but for stories either based in fetish or politics or from a period where she didn’t even wear her costume or have powers.

I’d pretty much given up, but then I found the best Wonder Woman story I’ve read in years in this one-off project. It’s inspirational, suspenseful, and funny. But I should have known, once I saw the writer, that Messner-Loebs would know just how to handle the heroine in a modern fashion.

Wonder Woman inspires a girls’ club after they have to struggle to understand each other. At first, she doesn’t know what to do, since all the girls care about is who you know and how you rank and shopping. Soon, she’s teaching them about their own power, taking them on hikes and getting them moving. They learn about the joy of accomplishment and how to find that one more bit of energy you didn’t know you had.

As Messner-Loebs demonstrates a variety of interests as acceptable, Moder’s art is similarly diverse. His Diana is slender and attractive, but the girls are all shapes and sizes, and they look young. It’s impressive to see some of the expressions he gives Diana, especially in the hilarious panel where Diana tries to play dolls with the girls. As she holds the dolls, she says

I, Ken, am home from the masculine world of work. Wife, feed me while I ogle your bulbous femininity. Display for me your subservience, for I am the man!

One girl then whispers to another, “Diana is sooo terrible at playing house.”

It’s not just about rahr, girl power, though — there’s adventure and learning and a daring rescue. This is the inspiring hero I want to see more of. I wish there were a lot more Wonder Woman stories like this one.

5 Responses to “Spinner Rack: Green Lantern #2, DC Retroactive: Wonder Woman – The 90s”

  1. James Schee Says:

    GL has been a real surprise so far. I liked the last run when it first started as it showed Hal as a person then got away from that. This so far seems to have finally got back to that.

    I was surprised by the WW story too very fun. Not sure you could do something like it long term at least not without rethinking superhero dynamic. Yet it was fun.

    Odd to see the backup here and in the Flash 90s one be part 1s of stories. Yet no pointer as to where to go to read next parts. Are they even collected? The WW in space one especially as it was such an odd story, with kind of creepy covers.

  2. Johanna Says:

    I ran out of time to talk about the Wonder Woman backup, but yes, it was a strange choice. Very spiky art, very much of its time. If I remember that story correctly, it was pretty good — once you got to read it all. :)

  3. James Schee Says:

    Yeah the space story was actually my first WW story ever. I was curious as to just why she was beaten all to hell on the cover. I’d like to read it all in one go, but there has been no collection of it.

    The Flash story was collected, but all of those are out of print. I guess you could maybe read them through Comicology ap? I may look later to see.

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