Marvel Ends Android Digital Comic Exclusivity, Releases Own App

Marvel on Android

Earlier this month, Marvel announced that their comics would be available digitally on Android via a Marvel Comics app (run by comiXology). Previously, Graphicly had an exclusive, the only provider of Marvel comics on Android. Now, Marvel is aligning with the biggest and best-known online comic distributor, comiXology.

While the Marvel Comics app syncs your account from Android to Apple use and vice-versa, it isn’t clear to me whether comics bought through the Marvel app will also be available on the general comiXology app, as is the case with DC’s digital comics. A quick spot-check of the top free comics in the Marvel app showed them also available in the comiXology app, so maybe that does work.

Based on comments posted on the announcement, the number-one user question is when will the app provide MDCU access, that is, allow users to view comics from the monthly subscription plan. Transitioning fans from that “all you can read for one fee” method to having to pay per-issue may be very tricky for the comic publisher.

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