Dracula Comic Goes From Print to Web

Just in time for Halloween, Boom! has announced that they will be running Dracula: The Company of Monsters free online at draculacomic.com. The site is promised to update daily (including weekends), reprinting the 12 issues by Kurt Busiek (creator), Daryl Gregory (writer), Scott Godlewski (artist), and Damian Couciero (artist) the company previously released, plus creator commentary. Additionally, they will be “introducing new digital-exclusive story pages” after the reprint pages conclude.

Dracula webcomic logo

The premise finds a fresh take on a sometimes overused monster. Dracula has been revived by a corporation who wants to use him for their own purposes, leading to a tense story with the underlying theme of exploring what is truly monstrous behavior.

As Robot 6 points out, this isn’t the first series to move from print to digital, but it’s certainly one of the higher-profile ones, from a company that has a history of digital experimentation. They’re handling this in a smart fashion, with prominent links to buy the first two collections of the comic released so far. The third collection isn’t included, but that may be because it was just released earlier this month, and they don’t want to compete that directly with retailers.

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