AdHouse Books Hosts Local Events in Richmond

To promote the release this month of Sterling Hundley’s art book Blue Collar / White Collar (PDF preview available at link), publisher AdHouse Books is hosting three events in its hometown of Richmond, Virginia. Check their website for information on appearances at Velocity Comics (unfortunately the only weekday event, making it difficult for working people to visit), Chop Suey Books, and Ghostprint Gallery.

Additionally, local paper Style Weekly has run a piece on the book, artist, and publisher, since Hundley is a professor at local college VCU.

Founded in 2002, the boutique publishing house has printed 45 art books, graphic novels and comic books. While it might be small, the Richmond-based company has established quite a name for itself in the comic realm. Books published by AdHouse have won almost every award in the industry…

[Hundley] says that this [book] will be his farewell to illustration work so he can focus on painting. “It’s a nice, tidy way of wrapping up one chapter and embracing another one.”

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