Win Yourself Shown on a Star Trek Cover, Dying

In another few years, I predict that they’ll be selling limited-edition alternate-cover editions of comics where you can just buy your face onto the cover. This charity contest to benefit the CBLDF is getting pretty close, although it’s based on writing skill, not money.

Star Trek #5 Contest Cover

Short version: Write a 300-word (or fewer) essay about why your comic retailer is the best, send it to IDW, and the winner AND their retailer will be drawn on a variant cover of the Star Trek comic. They’re calling it “Be a Redshirt”, since you’ll be drawn as willing to die to protect your comic source. (And apparently, based on the costuming, you’ll both need to be male.)

What if your comic retailer these days is Amazon or Comixology, though? Will they select your essay as a winner, and if they do, will they draw in CEO David Steinberger as the protected character? Given the use of the word “local” in the release, I’m betting those customers aren’t eligible. This contest assumes an old-fashioned type of retailer, with a single store owner whom you actually know. But those interested in this contest, with its limited alternate cover bait, probably do fall into that model.

The benefit to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund comes from the limited nature of this cover. It will have a 300-copy print run, with 100 given to the retailer, 100 to the fan, and 100 to CBLDF (to sell, presumably, although I would imagine the retailer would do the same). The winning fan also gets the original art, created by the Sharp Brothers.

This issue, #5, starts a two-issue “re-imagining” of the classic story “Operation: Annihilate”, in which “Captain Kirk comes face to face with ghosts from his past when a rescue mission reunites him with the last person he expects to see.” It’s written by Mike Johnson with art by Stephen Molnar and Joe Corroney and due out in January. No word on when the contest deadline is.

3 Responses to “Win Yourself Shown on a Star Trek Cover, Dying”

  1. Dwight Williams Says:

    This being Trek, I’d have hoped they’d have mixed-gender and all-female variants of that cover ready to go just in case!

  2. Kat Kan Says:

    Yes, I’m a first-generation Trekkie (going all the way back to 1966) and a woman. The original series has had female “red shirts” die, so why not a female variant? Right now, I don’t feel welcome to enter the contest.

  3. Anthony Says:

    So the title’s telling “rebooted” (or “post-Crisis” if you will) versions of TOS episodes for the new movie continuity? Not something I’d be interested in (felt lukewarm toward the movie reboot at best)… but wonder what the winner will do with 100(!) copies of the comic (even after giving them to family/friends)? :-)




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