Howling at the Gates Launches

Former site contributor Rob Vollmar has launched a new webcomic, Howling at the Gates. He’s writing and Shayna Pond is illustrating. They’re promising “mad science, bad puns, welding torches, ferrets, and the occasional python boot” at the rate of one page a week. So far, we know that Hypatia has built a time machine that she plans to use to grab Pythagoras from the past.

They’re also syndicating the comic at LitStack, where their introductory post cites their influences as “Bloom County, Boondocks, the work of Edward Gorey, Calvin and Hobbes, and Japanese manga”. Judging from this panel from the fourth installment, you can add Back to the Future to that list as well.

Howling at the Gates panel

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  1. Rob Vollmar Says:


    Thanks for the shout-out! We’ll do our level best to keep CWR readers smiling and, no doubt, scratching their heads from time to time!




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