Japorn Comics Sells Unknown Erotic Manga for Android With Complicated, Hard-to-Use System

Six Degree Works announced the release of the Japorn Books app for Android, selling erotic manga digitally.

Japorn Books

However, they’re making a lot of mistakes. They’re promising “about 200 books”, but there’s no list of titles easily found on their website — which means to find out what’s available, you have to install their app. New users unsure of whether the material is of interest may not want to commit that much. I didn’t recognize any of the titles that were listed, either.

Their website is only intermittently available, erroring out for me about half the time I tried to load it.

They’re using the same kind of point system JManga was criticized for, where you have to buy “tickets”, then cash those in for access. That system often requires users to overpay, winding up with some number of tickets they can’t use or don’t want to, if they’ve sampled everything on the site that looks interesting to them.

Each book is said to cost “an average of 150 tickets”, but tickets are “available in quantities of 100 tickets, 500 tickets, 1050 tickets, and 2200 tickets.” Nowhere are we given the price of tickets; again, you need to install the app before you can find out the prices. You’ll also be dismayed to find that they expire after 180 days.

To actually read anything, once you install the Japorn app, you have to download and install a separate viewer app. It’s one built for Sugoi Books, which Brigid Alverson called “noticeably buggy“. Based on her description, this Japorn app is simply a specialized skin or filter for that earlier app release, since Sugoi also has the same (broken) ticket system; their tickets cost $1.30 for 100. And no refunds!

You also need “an andronavi membership” — I don’t even know what this is. Apparently, it’s some NEC system that adds yet another level of annoyance to the whole thing.

I have to admit, the only thing I like about this over-complicated, error-laden system is the punny title.


  1. “there’s no list of titles easily found on their website”

    I think the Recommendations listing is functionally the book list.

    The one thing I found interesting is that the books the website has up so far are all “ladies’ comics” (women’s heterosexual erotica), or at least all of the ones I could identify are. Most of their current titles seem to come from Shusuisha, which pretty much lives off their smut-for-women divisions (ladies’ and BL), and does a lot of direct-to-cellphone manga. I am given to understand that ladies comics are a big chunk of the Japanese cellphone manga market, and the Japorn setup looks pretty much like a bare-bones implementation of a Japanese cellphone manga operation, overly complicated points system and all.

    I don’t have an Android device or I’d give them a shot; given the quality of the offerings I’m sure they’d be of more value as snark fodder than sensitive portrayal of the complicated nature of romance in modern Japan, but with a name like Japorn, what else would you expect? ;D

  2. I appreciate that you took the time to review our product, Johanna. I acknowledge that there are several issues with our product that require our attention. I’d like to personally apologize for your unsatisfactory experience with Japorn Books.

    To be frank, we’d like to completely abolish the use of tickets and the need for other viewers to be downloaded. However, current circumstances do not make that possible. We do believe that your review will help us get those changes implemented sooner rather than later.

    Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you find anything else that prevents Japorn Books from being the best it can be.

  3. If I helped, I’m happy. Thank you for being so responsive.

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