Dark Horse Adds Manga to Digital Store

Dark Horse Comics has expanded its digital offerings by adding manga. They even run right to left. New titles include

Dark Horse Manga

  • Crying Freeman, 2 volumes, $6.99 each
  • Hellsing, 3 volumes, $5.99 each, volume 4 available 11/23
  • Lady Snowblood, 1 volume, $5.99, volume 2 available 11/9
  • Old Boy, 2 volumes, $5.99 each
  • Path of the Assassin, 1 volume, $5.99, volumes 2 and 3 available 11/23
  • Trigun Maximum, 3 volumes, $5.99 each, volume 4 available 11/23

Previously in the store were Lone Wolf and Cub and Samurai Executioner, but they’re left-to-right format. Here’s the complete list of manga available. They’re older, male-targeted series, but that’s what Dark Horse is strongest in so far.

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