Who Wrote Boom!’s Obama Comic?

Decision 2012 Barack Obama cover

I just read a digital preview copy of Boom! Studios’ Decision 2012: Barack Obama comic (provided by the publisher), out today, and I noticed something odd.

On the credits page, there is no writer listed. Art is by Damian Couceiro, cover by Jeffrey Spokes, and there are items for colorist and letterer, but no writer. Their website lists only the artist.

The comic reads like an illustrated encyclopedia article, with captions pasted over images. Related facts are listed in a bulleted list at the bottom of each page. The text might have been rewritten from Wikipedia or other public sources, but I can’t find any exact matches online, so someone clearly edited and assembled the information. Why aren’t they credited? Even if it’s someone on Boom!’s staff, I would expect a name. Perhaps they just don’t want the fallout from working on a political book.

Update: Brigid Alverson got an answer from Boom!’s Marketing Coordinator that seems to support that guess. Emily McGuinness said the “young, incredibly talented writer” who wrote these comics “didn’t want to be associated as the ‘political comic book writer’ moving forward.” Personally, I would think a young writer just breaking in would want whatever published credits they could get, but then, I think a resume diverse in genres is a good thing.

2 Responses to “Who Wrote Boom!’s Obama Comic?”

  1. Paul O'Brien Says:

    Or perhaps they just don’t want something so embarrassing on their CV – though either way, you’d have thought Boom would just take the usual route of crediting it to a pseudonym.

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