Lush Comics Provides Free Indy Digital Publishing for iPad, Android

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I ran across this at SPX this year, where the developer had a table. Lush Comics is a digital comic aggregator for indy comics and graphic novels. They have a store and reader for iOS (iPads and iPhones) and Android. (The website says Android is to come, but the app is available on the Market now.)

The app is free to readers, and using the store is free to creators. (They ask for 30% of net sales after Apple takes its cut.) Creators set their own price for the digital comics.

There are 13 artists/publishers included right now, although the Android version (which is where I tried the app) only lists 10 comics, only one of which is free. Apparently some of the comics are only coded for the iPad. You can find out which ones are available where by clicking that artist’s link and then checking out particular titles.

I didn’t see anything that I’d consider a must-read, so I would advise holding off until the app has more creators and comics included. (Kind of a Catch-22, though, isn’t it? Why would creators participate until the store has more readers, yet why would customers bother downloading until there’s more content?) The most-discussed comic so far appears to be “Whatever Happened To The World’s Fastest Man?”, but that’s only available for the iPad, so I couldn’t read it.

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