Digital Manga Online Store Expands to Tablets

Digital Manga, one of the pioneers of providing legal online manga with their emanga store (established in 2008), has now made a store app available for iPad and Android tablets. Content includes titles from DMP, their BL/yaoi imprints Juné and 801 Media, plus their Digital Manga Guild books.

Digital Manga logo

I haven’t had a chance to compare content to their web-based store, so I don’t know if they have the exact same selection, but I do note a significant omission in the titles mentioned in the press release — the Harlequin manga. According to the PR, “pricing for most typical 200pg manga e-books range from $8.99 to $10.99, instructional books at $12.99, and titles in other categories will vary.”

They’ll be adding new titles monthly. The only review at the Android store so far points out a couple of significant problems:

There is no way to link your existing emanga account (if you have one) so you can’t read the titles that you already have on emanga with this app and the price for manga is higher in the app then on Kindle or emanga.

The price discrepancy is likely accounted for by the need to give a cut to Apple and/or Google, although customers don’t care why, they just know they’re being charged more. $9-11, as cited above, is high for online manga, which tends to run about $6 from other vendors.

I don’t read online manga because I prefer paper, and because I can’t keep track of all the different outlets, their rules, and their separate accounts. Who’s going to bring us the iTunes single-stop shopping for digital manga?

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