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The Fantastic Fangirls discuss Anya’s Ghost, an excellent read that should get more attention than I think it has. They praise some aspects, question others, but overall, this is a nice, meaty piece that goes in-depth with the work.

Emily Nussbaum at the New Yorker considers Whitney Cummings, who has two sitcoms on the air. The really short summary of the piece goes something like this: Yay for women comedians, but boo for the messages her jokes send and the stereotypes they’re based on. (Chris D’Elia is the best part of Whitney, and I would like to see him on something else.) Still, it’s neat to see such well-considered writing on what some think of as throwaway television.

Speaking of sitcoms, Comicsgirl Eden praises the new character of Alice on The Big Bang Theory for being a cool girl in a comic shop and it seeming pretty normal for her to be there. I too would like to see Alice (played by Courtney Ford) back.

Switching to movies, here’s how Twilight confuses love with abuse. You’ve likely seen this before, because it’s not like it’s a subtle book or movie, but Dr. NerdLove lays it all out clearly. (And it’s gotten him the traffic he wanted and the comments we all fear from annoyed fans.)

Over the course of the series, Edward threatens Bella’s life, threatens to kill himself, scares her with his driving, damages property when angry, makes all the decisions for the both of them and tries to isolate her from others — especially Jacob Black, his romantic rival. …

But it’s ok… he loves her. He just wants to make sure she’s safe. Now, keeping all that in mind, look up the warning signs of domestic violence and abusive relationships. Go ahead. I’ll wait. Pop quiz: how many of those moments I list were classic warning signs of domestic abuse? SPOILER ALERT: ALL OF THEM.

In non-girl news, sorry to hear that The Panelists (site no longer available) are calling it quits. That’s a big problem when you put together a group blog with contributors who have their own sites and projects — without clear direction and strong editing, it’s hard to know what should go to the group site when you want to keep much of what you do for your own venue. Someone has to concentrate on keeping the site fed.

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  1. Brian Says:

    I thought this piece about Twilight over at Hooded Utilitarian made for a entertaining read…




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