Manga Out Loud Continues With New Format, Natsume Ono MMF Discussion

The 52nd episode of Manga Out Loud has just been posted, completing two years of biweekly (on average) episodes. Congratulations, Ed!

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We debut a new format with this episode, where Ed and I discuss a few manga titles in one segment before inviting in our guests for a second. This episode, we’re talking with Alex Hoffman about the Natsume Ono Manga Moveable Feast he hosted, with additional guest Kristin from Comic Attack. After reading Ono’s book Tesoro, I was happy to get a chance to talk about her work with fans.

Prior to that, though, Ed and I briefly talk about reading Princess Knight, the second volume of A Bride’s Story, and 20th Century Boys 17. Complete with index listings, so you can jump to the segments you’re interested in!

The next episode will be available in January — we’re taking a break for the holidays — and even though Ed retired from reviewing recently, the podcast will continue. Which thrills me to death, since it’s great fun, and I hope our readers are enjoying listening to it as much as we enjoy making it.

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