Warner Archive Offers Signed Andy Hardy Collection — Now Gone
December 1, 2011

Warner Archive has apparently been successful with their collections, since they keep announcing more of them — and the latest has a special bonus.

Andy Hardy collection

The Andy Hardy Collection (hopefully labeled Volume 1) collects six of the 30s and 40s films starring Mickey Rooney. The first 400 of these box sets (priced at $59.95, no discounts) will ship autographed by Rooney. That’s a very cool thing, since it’s impressive that the gentleman is still working in movies, giving him almost a 90-year-long career.

I’ve actually seen all 16 of the movies, thanks to TCM. I enjoy them. They’re a restful glimpse into another world, focusing on the concerns of a teenage boy in a long-ago culture and just before a world turning point. Rooney is very talented, and Lewis Stone, who plays father Judge Hardy, and Fay Holden are wonderful, old-fashioned parents.

Mickey Rooney as Andy Hardy

The six films included here, all of which are new to DVD, are the 2nd (first in the series, since the first movie A Family Affair, was originally a stand-alone), the 5th, and the 8th – 11th. Those last four are strong family cinema, sending Andy through multiple dates, high school graduation, and trips to New York City.

  • You’re Only Young Once (1937) — the family goes on vacation to Catalina Island, and romantic misadventures result
  • Out West with the Hardys (1938) — cowboy cutups as they visit a dude ranch, where the judge helps settle a lease dispute
  • Judge Hardy and Son (1939) — in trying to find the relatives of a destitute Italian immigrant couple, Andy winds up dating more than one girl and trying to scam himself into being a prize winner
  • Andy Hardy Meets Debutante (1940) — guest-starring Judy Garland, who isn’t the title deb; Andy gets involved with a big-city socialite (if Andy is Archie, as he often is, then Judy’s role is Betty, the well-meaning best friend who gets overlooked for the more glamorous gal)
  • Andy Hardy’s Private Secretary (1941) — if Andy can’t pass his final exams, he won’t graduate!
  • Life Begins for Andy Hardy (1941) — it’s off to the city again for Andy’s first job and some tough life lessons

One other Andy Hardy film, also co-starring Judy Garland, is already available on DVD but not included in this set: Love Finds Andy Hardy (which I think is the best title of them all).

Update: The autographed copies are gone, a day after they were announced.

3 Responses  
Michael "Big Mac" McCluskey writes:  

Andy Hardy Collection, The: Volume 2 ——- and word on a release date? Please!

Phyllis writes:  

I am sorry that I missed getting an autographed vol 1. Oh well, as everyone probably already knows, all 16 of the Andy Hardy series are now out on DVD. I have them all, & could watch them all over & over again. I love your description of them, you are right on. Love traveling back in time, to the 30s & 40s. In my opinion, Mickey Rooney was one of the greatest talents ever. A very fine actor all his life. RIP Mickey <3

Michael "Big Mac" Groesch-McCluskey writes:  

Did you know?

Mickey Rooney’s last film credit won’t even be released till around Christmas time: NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM 3 [!].

I’ve loved every film with Mickey in it…except the horrible—and aptly titled—“A CHRISTMAS TOO MANY.” I’d lay even money that t-h-a-t film has two dead co-stars that’d like to forget THAT one: Gary Colemand and Mickey Rooney.

Rest in peace… both of you SHORT guys… long on tallent!


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