Flashmob Fridays Returns With Daredevil Reviews

Daredevil #6 cover

Flashmob Fridays, a collection of reviews of one particular comic issue from a variety of writers, has returned with coverage of Daredevil #6.

I’m pleased to be part of the gang, although I didn’t join quite in time to be part of this first go-round. I was disappointed my schedule didn’t allow it, since Daredevil is my favorite current superhero title. Mark Waid is the most experienced writer working in superheroes today, and he knows how to entertain readers. Marcos Martin’s art is gorgeous, reserved and moody while always focusing on telling the story. (Unfortunately, the letter page — and that’s a nice throwback made new too — reveals that this was Martin’s last issue.)

This book is setting the bar higher every month, especially in the fascinating ways it makes a long-running character like Daredevil feel fresh and creatively new.

Anyway, watch for my contribution to the site, along with those of many other fine writers, this coming Friday — I’ll post a link here too.

Update: (2/22/12) This coming Friday’s update will be the last due to time conflicts. Shame, I enjoyed the group “assignments”.

2 Responses to “Flashmob Fridays Returns With Daredevil Reviews”

  1. Brian Says:

    I really wish there was someone like Gene Colan out there who could do the art on Daredevil. Those issues drawn by Colan way back in the day when Daredevil and Black Widow lived in San Francisco were some of my favorites. Colan was one of my all time favorite DD artists.

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