The Rocketeer Video Clips
December 13, 2011

The Rocketeer is out on Blu-ray today, and to remind you of the fun of this film, here are some clips.

When Cliff first puts on the rocket pack, Peevy calls him a hood ornament:

This scene is worth it for Cliff’s reaction, after his first flight. Also, the gopher line.

This one’s pretty darn dramatic and inspiring, plus it shows off more of the cast.

One Response  
Grant writes:  

While there are other superhero movies that I like more than Rocketeer, in the big scheme of things, Superman The Movie is my all time favorite. But I have to say that the scene where Cliff first puts on the rocket and takes off, that whole scene, that comes very close to the pure untouchable magic of the Lois/Helicopter rescue scene in Superman. And that’s why I still enjoy watching Rocketeer.

I also love that bit where gangster Sorvino and the FBI agent look at each other and smile as they blast the nazis. And of course, Rocketeer in front of the flag.


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